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Spey Invest Review

By on August 17, 2017 in Make Money Online with 0 Comments

If you are looking for an honest and unbiased review of Spey Invest, look no further. I am going to share with you my thoughts about this new system that has appeared online only recently and we can check out if it is the real thing or not.

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Spey Invest The Review

You might have heard about this new opportunity before, but even if you have not, you are probably looking for more info about it before you go head on and invest into it. And that is a very good idea since there are so many scam methods out there just looking to relieve you out of your money and leave you with nothing in return. I just recently exposed fraud programs like Entrepreneur Jobs and others, which should give you fair warning about the nature of the Internet and online methods available. If you just decided to become an online marketer and are looking to make money online, you should always check up on anything you would want to invest in and make sure it is as legit as possible by reading honest reviews and opinions like this one. Make sure not to trust any advertizements until you do proper research on a company and method first.

But back to the review. Spey was initially launched by a guy called Daniil Solopov as kind of an experimental project dealing with trading and business. And even if the company was really new at first, it has grown really large since it was originally launched becoming really well regarded by professional marketers around the Internet and especially in the UK.

However, there are two things that are pretty weird about Spey. First off, they are very much unknown by people new to the business and the company name only shows up on a couple of marketing lists and marketing websites that deal with the subject professionally. Even their own webpage does not offer much information about the company in general.

The other weird thing is that they claim to have been around far longer than they actually have, as the company name was only registered early March this year, which is only a couple of months ago.

If you check up on Solopov, the founder of Spey, you will find a pretty empty Facebook page without anything on it. And his LinkedIn account only shows that he has worked with a bunch of investors, some of which are from Russia. He also seems to be a co-founder of a platform selling flowers online. But that is basically it.

Spey Invest – The Compensation Plan

Basically what they offer is a return of investment plan. You are required to invest in them and then you would get a daily return for a set amount of time. They have a tiered system for that which I will detail below, but you need to have some good investment money at hand before you even consider joining them right from the get go. It can be a bit off putting for anyone not really having much money at the beginning when they first start out, but that is just how these plans work. Methods like these are also called pay to play plans and require you to give something to get something in return.

The tiers they have available range from Silver to Gold to Platinum and require higher and higher amounts of money to be invested for increased ROI in the end. You can start off as small as $10 on Silver tier and go as far up as $50k on Platinum. You would be getting a 1% ROI per day on Silver, 1.2% on Gold and 1.4% daily on Platinum. It does sound pretty good on paper, all in all, and can amount to a lot of money.

But that is not all, you can also act as an affiliate marketer and bring in other people to the company, which will then be direct affiliates under you. And if those affiliates get other people to join under them, they will become your affiliates as well. This goes on for a total of seven levels and you can earn a commission from each of them based on their investment and on what affiliate level they are. This can go from 7% commission from your direct affiliates all the way to 0.5% commissions earned from those on level seven.

If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing from the best source possible, in my opinion, make sure to take a good look at AWOL Academy. They can teach you the basics in the easiest way possible and give you really good tips on how to become a successful affiliate marketer online.

Conclusion for Spey Invest

If you take a close enough look at the company, you will find that their main income is directly from crypto currency trading. They even claim so themselves. But they do not provide any actual evidence of this. How can you be sure that what they say is true? From what I can tell, their main income is actually coming from affiliates that sign up and invest into the system. But how can this method be really sustainable if this is true? The thing is, once they run out of affiliates, they would basically be running out of money as well and that would mean they would just go bankrupt.

I won`t be recommending you Spey Invest simply because there are a ton of MLM methods like these that deal with crypto currency right now and they spring up left and right trying to make a lot of money off of people who are willing to join them. I have already exposed a good bunch of these methods that don`t really work at all, like iCoin Market and others.

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