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Survey Voices Review

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Looking for an honest and unbiased Survey Voices Review?  Well you are in the right place because I`m going to do a full review about it here and share my personal opinion on it with you, completely unbiased and honest, of course.

Before I get started…

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The Full Survey Voices Review

The platform, in general, is owned by an LLC called Reward Zone USA, which aims to get people together to earn money online by completing surveys. They are basically providing lists of surveys that are available for people to complete, but they are just acting as a middle-man. You won`t actually find surveys offered by them, but much rather, you will be redirected to other websites that offer those surveys. It`s very similar to other sites like those that I have recently reviewed. They are working on behalf or companies that are into market research and promoting them.

Survey Voices Review

However, their claims are pretty big. They claim that you will be able to make up to $300 every week just by using them and their completely trustworthy clients. I kind of raised my eyebrow at those claims, because that is a lot of money and could even be a full-time income per month for a lot of people trying to make money online. I would say it is completely unrealistic just by doing surveys online. I don`t even think there are so many surveys available every month that they would pay $300 monthly.

Is Survey Voices A Scam?

Sadly, it does really look like this newest survey method is just another scam. It could be possible that you can actually hit the $300 mark in your first week, keep in mind that you would need to complete a ton of surveys to do so. Most of them only pay a couple of cents for your time invested. And realistically speaking, I highly doubt you could even get that far as to make that kind of money, even if you do it full time. Also, only a couple of the survey sites they re-direct you to are actually legit. Most of them are only out there to get your contact information, so they can flood you later with tons of offers and you will just be ending up on some Internet marketer`s e-mail list.

There are also a lot of fake websites that they refer you to, which don`t offer anything at all. You could also simply do a search online and find legitimate survey sites that offer the real thing without risk of exposing your contact information.

You don`t really have to pay anything to join this new survey method, but the possible opportunities are quite low as well. As a matter of fact, I would stay away, personally, from survey opportunities, since you will end up investing quite a bit of time completing them and getting only a really small amount of money in return, possibly even only a couple of cents. It`s just not worth it.

Other Negative Points about Survey Voices

Apart from the fact that the possible income you could get from using this method is really low, you will also be spammed left and right to your e-mail address that you provided when you first signed up. If you made the mistake of providing your phone number as well, you will also get spam SMS messages too. They are probably using this to get more income by convincing people to join up to the scam methods they promote through their emails and messages to your phone, but all in all, the entire thing could be much more legit without shady tactics like these. I have reviewed and exposed a couple of scam systems that do exactly the same thing in the past and was not happy about them at all, and this method seems to use the same tactics.

Survey Voices is not really a scam because they don`t require you to pay anything at all to join them. There are a lot of fake websites that do the same thing and require you to invest into them before joining. And it is a big plus for the method all in all. However, once you give your contact information, they will constantly send you offers which will benefit only them if you decide to join. It`s just a marketing system. You are offered surveys that pay you pennies, while they can expose you to offers that could potentially earn them a lot of money. This is exactly how they make their living and it is just a good example of affiliate marketing done right into fooling people to join up. And be sure that they earn a lot more than you would by completing their worthless surveys.

My Conclusion & Recommendation

Survey Voices is not a fake website and not a scam, but the fact remains that you would only earn a fraction of what you could earn with other methods that you could do online. I am not a big fan of survey methods, simply because of this. You will only earn really small sums, while you could potentially earn big numbers trying something out that works really well and can help you earn money for real. If you are looking to earn really big money completing surveys every day, you should probably quit right now. That will never happen. It might be good for a little side income, but that`s all that it is.

But there are real, and legit ways to earn a lot of money online, through hard work and dedication, because you will definitely need those traits in the online marketing world. Survey sites are not the way to go about this, and neither are any get right quick schemes that are so abundant on the Internet right now.

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So before you leave…

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