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T Shirt Titan 2 Review

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Welcome to my review of T Shirt Titan 2.

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Thanks for taking the time to check out my review of T Shirt Titan 2, sequal to T Shrit Titan 1 and the latest digital, make money, product to hit the virtual market.

T Shirt Titan 1 was released last year by the creators Chris X and Ken and sold over 4000 plus copies to would-be T Shirt sellers.

Off the back of the success of T Shirt Titan 1 Chris X and Ken immediately started work on T Shirt Titan 2.0.

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How to Sell T Shirts Online…

Okay, before we get into the T Shirt Titan 2 review I thought it might be useful to walk you through the steps you need to take in order to sell T Shirts online.

Step 1 – Creating T Shirt Designs that Sell

Creating great, eye catching designs isn’t enough the key to selling T Shrits online is creating designs in niches that people want to buy.

There are plenty of Facebook Groups that discuss the selling of T Shirts online and its pretty clear from the numerous discussions that those that are successful know which niches to pick and how to put together a design that people want to wear.

Step 2 – Advertising Your Designs.

Facebook is the platform of choice for any would-be T Shirt Tycoon for good reason.  Facebook advertising campaigns are easy to get approved and you can start a campaign with very small sums e.g. $10 and of course if an advert or design becomes popular it’s promoted on the platform by the customers.

Step 3 – Fulfilling Your T Shirt Orders.

Teespring and others like it concentrate on T Shirt production and order fulfilment so you don’t have to.  Anyone can sell from Teespring.  Simply sign up for an account submit your designs and start your promotion.  It really doesn’t get any simpler.

So what is T Shirt Titan 2 and what does it do?

T Shirt Titan 2 is essentially two pieces of software that according to Chris X and Ken will automate 75% of the business of selling T Shirts online.

The first piece of software is called ‘One Click Designer’.  One Click Designer allows you to enter a T Shirt design criteria as follows:

  • Niche Category
  • Niche
  • Profession
  • Verb
  • Object
  • Adjective
T Shirt Titan 2 One Click Designer

T Shirt Titan 2 One Click Designer

The software takes these elements and returns a number of professionally created designs for you to use in your campaign.

Below are some examples of the sort of designs you can expect.

T Shirt Titan 2 T Shrit Designs

T Shirt Titan 2 T Shrit Designs

Pretty simple, right.  Enter your criteria and immediately get back a range of designs that you can start using straight away.

The second piece of software is called ‘Social Formula’.  Social Formula is designed to give you a better insight into the performance of your campaign by pulling some of the key data out of your Facebook Advertising Campaign and presenting it inside Social Formula.

This gives you greater insight into the profitability of your campaigns. And for those that are not performing it enables you to pull the plug a lot quicker.

T Shirt Titan 2 Social Formula

T Shirt Titan 2 Social Formula


T Shirt Titan 2 is the sequel to T Shirt Titan 1 and offers a more streamlined and joined up user experience.  One Click Designer the T Shirt designing tool enables you to quickly and easily create designs for your T Shirts whilst Social Formula enables you to get key data on the performance of your advertising campaigns.


Selling T Shirt online definitely doesn’t require any software or products but what it does require is a Teespring Account, a Facebook Advertising Account and an eye for what people really want to wear.  Unless you have the knack for that most crucial of elements (An eye for what people really want to wear.) you are doom to failure like so many people before you.

T Shirt Titan 2 could actually hold you back because the law of averages suggests that sooner or later, with the limited number of designs that eventually you are going to end up promoting the same designs as other people.

The designs I saw in T Shirt Titan 2 also looked very basic and in some cases child like.  I would suggest that the average T Shirt consumer is looking for something a little more challenging graphically.

Finally, my biggest issue with selling T Shirts online is the profit margins.  They aren’t huge!  If you ignore the hype for one second and actually drill into the numbers you really do need to shift a lot of units before you are making good money.

Why do you think Chris X and Ken are building software instead of designing T Shirts.

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