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7 Figure Profit Code Review

By on September 28, 2017 in Make Money Online with 4 Comments

Looking for a review of 7 Figure Profit Code?  Then keep reading…

In my review, I’ll be sharing my honest opinion of the 7 Figure Profit Code, giving you all the details you need to make up your own mind about this latest online opportunity.

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My 7 Figure Profit Code Review

You might have heard about this new opportunity and maybe even considered buying into it, but it is a good thing that you are here and reading this completely honest review because you should always check out reviews like this one before deciding to invest into something. I have looked into this opportunity really closely and will share what I have found with you in this review.

Right off the bat, my first impressions were not that good, to say the least. I have reviewed countless opportunities and websites here on this blog, including systems that are completely legitimate and work, from well-known marketing experts, but a lot were also completely fake, and by now, I can easily tell if something is a fraud or not.

First off, after you get to their landing page, you are shown an introductory video, which basically acts as a sales pitch. Here you will find out that it will cost you around seventy dollars to join into 7 Figure Profit Code.

7 Figure Profit Code Website

This can vary, depending on who referred you and how you found the website in the first place. It can be more or it can be less. And also, here comes the first warning sign that this is fake. When you try to leave, you will get a huge popup saying that you should reconsider, because they will offer you a discount. Just goes to show that they are desperate for any new signups as well as just about any kind of investment. Just think about it, why would they have a fixed price for joining their foolproof opportunity and then offer you a discount when they see you are not interested?

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Why don`t they offer that discount in the first place?

The Fake Testimonials

Once again, this opportunity relies on fake testimonials, just like most of those fake systems out there. I have seen this tactic over and over again being used by scammers and these guys are no different. The actors in those videos are so fake, you can tell just by looking at the way they talk. It`s completely unnatural and you can see that the person was actually paid to say what he or she does in the video. They actually have some type of disclaimer up that says that those endorsements are purely personal experiences and might not be true for anyone, but that goes completely against the huge claims they have up on their website about how much you could earn.

Look at a couple of screenshots I have taken from people doing these testimonials for this method.

7 Figure Profit Code7 Figure Profit Code Review

A couple of women claim that they make around four thousand dollars every week since they joined. The other one is about a guy from England, claiming that he was unemployed, but since he joined, he does not really need to find a job anymore because he makes that much money using this system. And another guy actually claims to make around a thousand dollars every single day.7 Figure Profit Code Scam

I can tell you this much: Earning one thousand dollars every day as a newbie to Internet Marketing is almost impossible. These fake endorsements are just further proof that this entire thing is a huge lie that you should stay far away from as well as avoid investing into. You will definitely end up losing your money.

The Way 7 Figure Profit Code Works

It`s actually very simple. As I mentioned above, you will need to pay that entry fee of around seventy dollars. It can vary depending on a couple of factors, and you will also get offered instant discounts if you leave the page. Your investment goes through a company called ClickBetter, and this also raised my eyebrows, because I know for a fact that they are usually used by a lot of scam methods and don`t really have a good reputation online.

ClickBetter as a company is not a fraud and just a payment processor, but they allow well-known scams and frauds to use them and that is exactly why a lot of people don`t really like them. Personally, whenever I see that a method uses ClickBetter, it is a huge warning sign for me, right from the get-go. I really cannot understand why this company allows this after probably getting complaints from all over the Internet, but I guess they don`t really care because they will earn their commissions from the processed money regardless, so it`s a win situation for them as long as there are enough people using them.

My 7 Figure Profit Code Conclusion

Without any doubt whatsoever, this method is a pure scam and just one of those fake systems that promise to make you a millionaire without any effort and in a really short amount of time. In truth, the only ones that will profit, are the site owners themselves. You will end up losing all your cash, without seeing any results and it might even get you to think that making money online is impossible. That is completely untrue, you just have to take care to steer away from fake methods like this one as much as possible.

The basic scam tactic of these site owners is to promise you a lot of money so that you make your investment and they sugarcoat the whole thing with gigantic claims and fake endorsements from people that actually hired to endorse them in the first place. And I`m completely sure that they manage to scam a lot of people with this scheme, because most people don`t really take the time to read up on something they want to invest into and see if it is real or not. Those are the ones that end up scammed and will line the pockets of the scammers with their cash. Always make sure to do your proper research, because you are basically putting your money at risk of being basically stolen by scammers. And that is true for every new method that you see. Make sure to read up on reviews and opinions first and don`t let the scammers win.

Just take a look at their member’s area. Once you pay the initial fee to join, you will get access to a bit of info that pretends to help you make money, but actually, provides little to no actual value. And then you are offered additional guides and tools that you have to spend even more money to get. There are also fake promotions that will pop up left and right for even higher cost investments with promises to make you even more money. All lies and all part of this huge scam.

My opinion is, that you should definitely not waste your money or time on this system because you will, without doubt, regret it later. You should much rather check out methods that work and are worth it, just like my number one recommendation, that you can look up below.

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