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700 Profit Club Review

By on July 26, 2017 in Make Money Online with 0 Comments

Is 700 Profit Club a scam?

I think you’ll agree with me that nowadays it’s pretty difficult to find an honest non-affiliate product review.

Or is it?

In today’s review, I am going to be sharing with you my honest opinion of 700 Profit Club the latest digital product to hit the internet and email inboxes around the world.

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700 Profit Club – The Truth

It did not take me very long to figure out that this system, 700 Profit Club, is a complete fraud and a scam just looking to take your money.  After checking out and reviewing hundreds of online money making scam systems so far, it was really easy to put one and one together and figure this newest scam out as well. I have reviewed Nuvo Finance and the likes of The Money Academy only recently, but this one is a different fraud altogether. It`s basically called a hosting scam and the goal is to make you sign up for a ridiculously expensive hosting plan that will, in turn, allow you access to a website that promises you to make a lot of money online. Needless to say, you won`t really be making a cent and will just lose your investment.

700 Profit Club Review Screenshot

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I have posted an image above which will allow you to see their promotional website. You will get re-directed to this once you watch their sale`s pitch video and decide to look into what they have to offer. After you land on the website, you are required to sign up for the method and they encourage you to do this with claims that a website that they can provide would usually cost thousands of dollars, but this is, of course, complete nonsense. You can get good hosting and an awesome domain name nowadays for as cheap as $10. A website like the one they are trying to sell you would cost pennies to create and they are selling it for huge amounts of money online to hundreds and maybe thousands of people who would buy into this.

700 Profit Club – The Secret they don’t want you to know!

The way this thing works, is, that you are initially required to sign up to a host called Cool Handle Hosting. I have not really checked out the host so far, and as far as I know, it could be the best host in the world with the best stability of their servers and no downtime whatsoever, but I think they are just average at best, if not, very below average. They trick you with an offer that says that you can have all that awesome hosting for just about $5 per month, but the fine print clearly states that you will be paying that on a three-year cycle of billing. What it all boils down to, is that once you sign up, you won`t end up paying just $5 monthly but an exorbitant $249 in one payment. Of course, they are trying to cover all that up by putting extras out there that you would get when signing up. But the truth is, you don`t really need those extras when making a successful website. The whole thing is just there to scam you into signing up with empty promises and underhanded tricks. And they use those extra offers to justify the huge price they are actually charging.

700 Profit Club Screenshot

The cycle they are billing you at is a plan that goes on for 36 months. And they never clearly state this in their description of what they are actually offering. Once you buy into it, you would think that you are charged a set amount of money every month, but you are actually charged almost $250 in one go, which is ridiculous for a web hosting service. There are a ton of hosting services out there that cost not even a fraction of that sum and some of them are even completely free. Just take a good look at what a 12-month package will set you back with, and that option is the cheapest one they offer, to boot:

700 Profit Club Scam Screenshot

As you can clearly see, that is almost $170 in one go for a website, and you will be charged even more each year. It all might be worth it if you could actually make the amount of money that they are promising you, but the website won`t make you even a cent. You would be investing a lot of start-up money into a method that won`t get you anything in return and is just out there to scam you. And all the extra`s they offer won`t help a lot, either. It`s all just completely overpriced hosting designed to make you invest and make the site owners rich without you getting anything back.

700 Profit Club – The outright scam

Without any doubt, 700 Profit Club is as complete a scam as I have seen. And I have reviewed a ton of scam methods and systems so far. Hosting should be really cheap and definitely not more than about $10 every month. And they should let you pay monthly, instead of paying a huge sum yearly. The yearly payment method can be there, but it should be optional, not really forced upon you like they do. You should really avoid this system because it is clearly a huge fraud method that is only out there to scam you into signing up to overpriced hosting that can not really provide you with the return on investment that the owners promise you in their sale`s pitch video.

700 Profit Club – My Conclusion

My conclusion is that you should stay far away from 700 Profit Club as it is only there to trick you out of your money without you making even a penny back in return. There are a lot of these scam systems out there on the Internet and this one is just one of those. On the other hand, if you are really fed up with all of these fake systems and are looking for a legitimate way to make money online that works really well, check out my number one recommendation right here:

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