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Click Cash System Review

By on October 16, 2017 in Make Money Online with 0 Comments

Are you looking for a review of Click Cash System?  If so then keep reading…

Today in my review, I’ll be sharing my honest opinion of the Click Cash System, giving you all the information you need to make up your own mind about this latest online opportunity.

Before I start…

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Click Cash System Scam Exposed?

You’ve probably found this page because you want to know if the Click Cash System is a scam. I commend you for taking time to find out more about the system before spending your hard-earned money. The internet is full of scams so it’s important to find out as much information as you can before buying anything. With that said, let’s get into it.

I bumped into the Click Cash System website a few weeks ago through an affiliate link. The website caught my attention immediately with their promise of crazy earnings (over $1000 daily) with little to no effort, so I decided to dig deeper and find out the truth.

I’ve already done my research. I’m going to give all the details below but first things first, my findings are not good.

What is the Click Cash System?

As the name suggests, the Click Cash System is a system that is supposed to make you money fast (with a few clicks). The promotional video claims that you just need to make five clicks to start generating thousands of dollars. Everything is automated after the five clicks so you can sit back and watch money ”pour” into your bank account.

The reality is however different when you buy the system. You must buy PPC campaigns and learn how to run them to make money. In a nutshell, you need more than five clicks to start making money.

Click Cash System

What’s more is the ridiculous income claims in the Click Cash System website. The $1000 earnings per day for life claim is the first thing I noticed. I have been working online for years now. I have exposed hundreds of scams such as bitcoins wealth club and my online dream biz, so I can spot a scam when I see one.

$1000 daily for life is a ridiculous income claim! Especially when all you need to do is click five times and sit back. Online scams have common traits. Ridiculous income claims are one of them.

Another common trait is fake testimonials. The Click Cash website claims that the system is capable of making you $1000 in an hour. They go ahead and show you internet newbies attesting to these claims. I can tell you for a fact; internet scams hire actors to give fake testimonials. Like I said before, I have reviewed hundreds of scams before. The people you see in scam website videos and images claiming to have made tones of money are paid actors.

If you take your time to investigate, you’ll notice that most of these people are featured in websites such as where they sell their fake testimonials for as low as $5. I know you might be shocked right now, but there are some really unethical people willing to create videos with false claims for as low as $5.

All you need to do is send them a script. They will record themselves reading whatever is in the script whether true or false. Internet scammers hire the services of these individuals to make you believe real people are making money or benefiting from certain products or services.

If you take your time and read real reviews from real people, you’ll see the system being exposed for what it is; a scam. Click Cash System is a get-rich-quick scam designed to steal from innocent individuals looking for opportunities online. Carl Randolf, the creator of the system, is a known scammer (actor for hire). Look him up!

How Click Cash System works

Click Cash System is a typical get-rich-quick scheme whose primary intention is making the owners of the system money as well as the unethical affiliates promoting the system. Scams like Click Cash have to be listed on affiliate networks where other people (affiliates) can sign up and market the system. The affiliates who promote scams have large email lists of individuals who are looking for money making opportunities online. They build their email lists in many ways, i.e., buying emails from unscrupulous website owners who you may have signed up with.

The affiliates forward scams like Click Cash System to their large email lists as spam. Don’t get me wrong. Email marketing is a legitimate money making method. It is, however, important to note that not all products and services promoted through email marketing are legitimate. Affiliates who use email marketing to promote products like Click Cash do so for their own benefit and that of the owners of such products.

If you are duped into buying whatever scam affiliates are selling, they earn a commission from your purchase. The owner of the site also gets paid. In return, you get access to products/services which are worthless. In most cases, you need to part with more money to get more information/services/products.

That’s exactly how the Click Cash System works. The main focus of the system is to push you to buy higher priced products which won’t help you. As mentioned above, you have to buy PPC campaigns and know how to use them to start making any money.

Furthermore, you have to part with some cash immediately to access the system, and if you are hesitant to take the initial offer, you will be given a discount to entice you. In a nutshell, Click Cash is designed to get as much money as possible from you without offering anything of real or equal value. In fact, the system will leave you in a worse state (emotionally and financially) than when you started. You’ll wish you never got involved.

What’s worse is a scammer will already have your personal details which could be sold to another scammer. So, expect for many other scam promotions in the future if you fall for scams like Click Cash. It’s an ugly cycle that never seems to end.

My Click Cash System Conclusion

The Click Cash System is a scam in my opinion because of the ridiculous money making claims, i.e., make $1000 a day by making five clicks. Although there are legitimate ways of making a lot of money online, you need to put in years of work to earn 6-figures and above per year online. Forget about clicking on buttons five times and watching the money pour into your bank account on autopilot. The real world doesn’t work like that, online or offline.

Furthermore, the website is misleading/outright dishonest. You are supposed to pay $45 only initially, but that’s just the beginning. Running PPC campaigns successfully can cost you hundreds of dollars not to mention the skills required. The testimonials are also fake. I obviously wouldn’t recommend anyone to buy the Click Cash System or any other similar systems for the above reasons.

Making money online requires hard work. You need legitimate training as well as a genuine opportunity presented by honest people. It also takes time (definitely more than five clicks). I have made a fortune online so you can be rest assured I know what I am talking about. Feel free to check the online money making opportunities I have recommended.

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