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Copy My Cashflow Review

By on July 29, 2017 in Make Money Online with 0 Comments

Copy My Cashflow is the newest scam system I have discovered and I`m going to share with you my completely honest opinion and review about this method that just launched very recently. You can read below why I am advising you to stay as far away from it as possible and also why I would not recommend this method to you. But before we get into the full review, if you are fed up with all these scams that seem to spring up left and right on a daily basis, and are looking for a real way to make money online, make sure to check out my No.1 Recommendation.

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What exactly is Copy My Cashflow?

First off, I have no idea how Copy My Cashflow has managed to get approved and also stay listed on ClickBank. As you probably know, ClickBank is an affiliate system and marketplace all in one, where people could sign up and sell their products. They could also use the internal payment processing of ClickBank along with the possibility of gaining affiliates themselves to promote and sell their products online.

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ClickBank was really big for a long time and brim full of products people sold, but also full of scam systems and methods. Since then, the marketplace decided to go legitimate and started to filter out and eliminate scams like Copy My Cashflow. They also implemented manual approval of all products and sales methods listed on their page and they also checked on claims of how much money one could make with a specific method, and if those claims were regarded as ridiculous, the system would not approve them to be listed on ClickBank.

Copy My Cashflow Review

What this meant for scammers, is that they had to move elsewhere and most of them ended up on a platform called ClickSure, which, to this day, is full of scam methods, most of them being binary option frauds. I exposed a lot of these scams back in the day. At the start of this year, however, Binary Options kind of disappeared due to changes in laws and regulations, and many scammers using Binary Options have changed their game and gone back to get rich quick on the Internet schemes which Copy My Cashflow is definitely a part of. But I am still really surprised how this scam method managed to get on ClickBank, seeing as how they eliminated all scammers and implemented harsh rules on their platform. Very weird.

I noticed one important thing about Copy My Cashflow right off the bat. Their website looks very similar to other scam systems that I have come across like Copy My Websites or Profit With Our Sales. Even the name Copy My Cashflow is a bit similar. I`m not sure if it is the same owner behind all three of them or not because he or she does not appear personally in the sales videos or on the website. The first tactic of a scammer is to hide behind fake identities or to not reveal their identity at all, and that is usually a huge warning sign whenever you encounter a method claiming to teach you how to make millions online. For someone not experienced or lacking the knowledge it can be really tough to identify these scammers, but for people like me, who have a lot of experience with scam methods like these it is really easy to sniff them out.

Fake Testimonials

Besides the fact that you never get to know the guy behind the method, another warning sign is the fact the website is full of fake testimonials. People claiming to have made so much money and that it changed their lives and so on. The truth is, they probably didn`t make anything from the method and were paid to write those testimonials.

Copy My Cashflow Scam

And the way I know this, is that this guy appearing on the sales video saying how he got rich online by using Copy My Cashflow has appeared on a lot of other sales videos from different scam methods claiming the same thing. It`s literally the same guy appearing on a lot of videos on different scam websites around the Internet. I really don`t know why someone would do this, apart from the fact that he is broke and needs to make a living offering a service of providing fake testimonials in a video for anyone that pays him. There a ton of these services offered on platforms like Fiverr or SeoClerks.

Copy My Cashflow Review

You can check out this other guy from Fiverr who is also selling fake testimonials for as low as $5 per video. If you think I`m exaggerating just visit and search for testimonial services. You will definitely find those two guys I have shown you and also recognize the guy in the video claiming to have made millions using Copy My Cashflow. I`m really not sure how to react to these people. If they are broke and selling services like these, I can kind of understand, but apart from that, they are just bad people without any ethics whatsoever.

Copy My Cashflow Fake Testimonial

My Copy My Cashflow Conclusion

My advice to you is to stay away from this scam method. If you buy into it, you will receive expensive products that you will never be able to re-sell and you will just end up loosing a lot of money without any profit. You will only make the owner of the method rich. And as I have said before, it is very clear that this is a fake method due to the fact that they resort to buying fake testimonials and also never showing their faces in their sales videos themselves. I still don`t understand how they made it on to ClickBank, getting approved and even staying on the platform without being banned.

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