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Global Information Network Review

By on August 25, 2017 in Make Money Online with 0 Comments

Welcome to my Global Information Network Review.

If you’re looking for an honest, unaffiliated review of Global Information Network then you’re in the right place.  I’ve been investigating this latest opportunity and am delighted to be able to bring you my review today.

Before I get started with the review…

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My Global Information Network Review

A lot of people online have at one point or another come across this method and the general opinion about it is that it is just another scam method, or more importantly, an elaborate Multi Level Marketing (MLM) scam that is just out there to trick you into investing into them so they can steal your money. As far as I have seen, the entire company is also on a list for cyber crime and fraud and authorities are actively looking to shut the whole thing down as soon as possible.

Global Information Network Overview

Global Information Network is owned by a guy called Kevin Trudeau. He is known to have been involved in scam methods like these for a very long time, and this new method of his is just the latest attempt to trick you out of your hard earned cash. He actually tries to actively convince you that his method is an underground money making society which he defines as a brotherhood. The whole thing is very similar to other scam methods I have exposed in the past, which offer a ton of cash for very little effort. And if you know just a little bit about Internet marketing, you will realize that this is something impossible. There is no such thing as earning the amount of money they promise without hard work and dedication. Apart from that, you are required to pay a whopping $1000 just to join the whole program, and then also, it comes with a $150 monthly membership fee. Definitely not a cheap method, even if it would be legit, which it is not. There is nothing wrong with investing into something that can give you a great return on investment, and really successful and legitimate entrepreneurs like Tai Lopez or Keala Kanae constantly recommend good investments. But you should take great care to invest into something that is actually real and not fraud methods like this and others, which only exist to steal your investment without giving you anything back in return.

Global Information Network Review

All in all, this entire method just smells like a fraud. Apart from the fact that the amount of money you would have to pay to join it, is just ridiculous, the value they offer in return is also minimal to non-existent. All you will get for your investment is a CD that contains information on a couple of health products, as well as a few booklets with details about them. Even the press has depicted this method as a complete scam, and there are also a lot of negative reviews from people around the Internet, who have actually tried this system and completely failed with it. The general opinion is that Kevin Trudeau and Global Information Network is a total scam and something you should definitely not try out if you are looking to make money online or looking to start a successful business. There are a ton of other methods that really work, a lot of which I have reviewed right here on this blog in the past. You will not make money with this method, nor will you get you initial invest back, that`s for sure.

How Global Information Network Works

The website of this system has been going viral recently all over the Internet, with promises of revolutionizing society in general, as well as the wellness and health industry. The people who joined, have actually paid the huge sum of one thousand dollars as the initial entry fee and then also the $150 monthly membership fee just to become affiliates and for a chance at marketing and reselling the health products that the company offers. The funny part is, that the entire method considers itself as some kind of secret society and their members as elite, but it all serves only one purpose, to trick their members out of their money and make the owner all the richer for it. The whole thing is a complete fraud right off the bat. You just have to do a quick check on the owner through Google and you will find only negative opinions and reviews about him, nothing more. And also, there is the fact that authorities are actively looking to shut this guy down. Would you really invest $1000 into a method owned by someone on the run from the police? I guess not.

My Global Information Network Conclusion and Recommendation

After doing extensive research into this method and its owner, I definitely cannot recommend this system to you, by any means. The Internet is filled with customer complaints, bad reviews and negative opinions of this system. That should be proof enough to avoid this thing as much as you possibly can.

If you have read any of my other reviews you will know that I do not recommend scams to my readers and subscribers.  I have a no.1 recommendation for you and I’m proud to bring that opportunity to you.

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