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H9 Water Review

By on August 28, 2017 in Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) with 0 Comments

Looking for a REAL H9 Water Review?

Is the H9 Water Scam real or just misdirection?

H9 Water Scam

Find out the answers to both these questions in my latest review here at IM Insider Reviews.

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The H9 Water Review

Keep on reading this review for a completely unbiased opinion about the company, which will possibly help you in making a decision if this is something you want to try out or not. The purpose of this blog is exactly that, giving you honest opinions about different methods available to make money both online and offline. I have literally reviewed hundreds of different methods, from MLM to e-mail marketing and a bunch of other ways to make money as an entrepreneur and have also exposed a ton of scams along the way. You can expect nothing less than an unbiased review here.

H9 Water Review

H9 Water was originally founded by two guys called Keith Hall and Steven Morse back in 2013 and they are based out of Texas. This is probably the first venture of these guys since not much info about them is available anywhere online. That`s about all I can tell you about the company, but let`s take a good look at what they are actually selling.

The H9 Water Product Line

Simply put, they sell water. But not just any type of water. It`s called structured water and if you look up the science behind it, it`s something that is in your cells as they absorb water in your body. Apparently, it is healthier to drink this kind of water than regular tap water or water that you can buy from your local supermarket. Also, structured water can only be found in certain springs from glaciers around the world, so it is pretty rare. There have been scientific studies done on this special water, and they have proven that it is actually very good for you, seeing as how it provides your body with more energy, removes toxins and also helps your skin and hair look more smooth and beautiful. It also hydrates you better than regular water.

H9 Water

The company sells a 16 pack of half a liter bottles of this stuff for about $100 and apparently, two packs should be enough for a month, as you are required to drink only one per day.

The H9 Water Compensation System

There is a uni level compensation system in place here, which is used by a lot of other MLM companies out there, both online and offline. There are also a total of thirteen ranks that you can climb. Commissions are paid upwards from ten ranks. Each rank has certain requirements that you have to fulfill monthly if you want to earn your commissions from your sales, like making a certain number of sales or recruiting a certain number of people into the company. You are then paid a commission for every two packs of water someone buys from you or your affiliates under you up to ten ranks. If you manage to gain preferred customers, you can earn even more commission from them. Residual bonuses are also available depending on rank level and there are a couple of other bonuses you can earn, most of which are only available on the really high ranks of this system.

How Much Does H9 Water Cost To Join?

There are different options to join this company, which range from $100 for the basic starter pack to up to $1000 for a premium package, which includes marketing material to get you going.

My H9 Water Conclusion

Their entire way of compensating you seems very good, at first glance and the whole company seems very well structured. This is definitely not a scam system and you could possibly earn with this, even if the costs to join are a bit steep.

But here’s the thing – they are basically selling water.

Even if that water is very healthy, it still has to compete with all the other big water brands that are currently out there, and the prices for a full pack are pretty high at $100

Just think about it, would you buy a pack of water for that price?

You probably wouldn’t and it definitely has to be something very special for you to buy at that price point. And as an affiliate you are going to have to work very hard to convince your prospects. I also think their requirements for you to earn commission are a bit exaggerated. I mean, you are basically required to bring three people into the company monthly, if I understood it right. And that can be extremely hard, especially for someone new to MLM systems.

My H9 Water Recommendation

I would not recommend this company to you because of this and also because I think doing affiliate marketing in an online environment can be much easier as well as much more profitable if done right and with proper knowledge. Just take a look at my number one recommendation to you.

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