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Home Wealth Club Review

By on July 8, 2017 in Make Money Online with 3 Comments

Home Wealth Club is a new program that has appeared only recently, and it offers you the opportunity to make up to $84 per day with just a couple of minutes of work every day. But is it legit or just another one of those Internet scams? For me, it really does look like a scam, and I will share my opinion and an honest review of the system with you today. But, quickly, before we dive into the review, if you’re tired of all these scams that are floating around, and want a real solution to how to make money online, then check out my number one recommendation below.

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Quick, simple overview that will save you $$$

After checking out Home Wealth Club`s homepage, I could see right from the start that is definitely nothing I haven`t seen before. And the reason for this is, that this type of web page seems to be like a template, that gets copied over and over by all these scam systems and re-used. I have reviewed a lot of money making opportunities and this site type keeps popping up over and over again. Most recently I saw this website template when I checked out Extreme Home Paycheck and Complete Profit Code, and they have this exact model for their web pages as well

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It is very interesting to see this web page show up so many times around the internet, all connected to scammy money making tactics and the question is why? If a system is legitimate they would surely create their own personalized web page and not just copy something and re-use it. My suspicion is that this site just gets renamed all the time because the particular scam is exposed and the owners are renaming it to keep advertising it.

You might think that I am not telling the truth or exaggerating and if so, let me offer some proof with sites that look almost identical to Home Wealth Club. The first one would be Extreme Home Paycheck and you can clearly see that, apart from a few changed pictures and text, it`s almost the same web page. I have recently reviewed Extreme Money Paycheck and revealed it as the fraud that it is, but it has managed to scam a lot of people out of their money already.

You can see that the websites indeed do look very similar. They are designed almost the same way with a big brand logo that is there to make you feel that this is a legitimate system. But if you are still not convinced check out this picture of a system that I exposed a while ago, called Extreme Home Paycheck. You can check out a screenshot right here:

Home Wealth Club Scam Screenshot

Home Wealth Club Website Screenshot

As you can see, this is also almost the same website, with a bit changed here and there, like the name or a small amount of text. The entire thing is designed to trick you into giving away your money and they keep rebranding it to target a new audience and market each time, in my opinion. From what I can see, each re-branded site is changed a bit to target different people each and every time. They go for different audiences to get more exposure for themselves. For example, My Home Job Search and Home Wealth Club are both targeting mostly people that are new to making money online and want to work from home. On the other hand, Complete Profit Code seems to be targeting people that would like to create their own business from home, instead of actually finding work from home jobs. These are all just my opinions of course and the truth is I have no idea what is really going on behind these websites, except that they seem very suspect and shady.

Quickly discover what Home Wealth Club really is

In my opinion, Home Wealth Club is actually a website and system created and promoted by an affiliate of the MOBE business program. Recently almost everything I review turns out to be systems that leads back exactly to this one thing: MOBE. What I find seriously disturbing about this, is that the MOBE opportunity is actually legit and not a scam system, as you can see in my review of MOBE here. But there are a number of affiliates that are trying their best to trick people into joining MOBE by using unethical ways like creating these scam websites and lying about what it actually is.

There are a couple of legit web pages promoting MOBE the right way, like WIFI Millionaire, but there are many more scam pages around like My Millionaire Mentor, which I personally consider the worst site out of all of them. What it all boils down to, is that MOBE is a legitimate business opportunity. And a good one as well. You can sign up, you will receive training and courses which will give you a lot of knowledge about Internet Marketing, and you can also choose to become an affiliate. You can then re-sell the system and earn good commissions from anyone that buys it from you. However, the thing is, that you have to actually buy the products that you want to resell and are only allowed to earn commission from things you purchased and own. Needless to say, you have to pay first and invest, before starting to see a return on investment.

There are a number of top affiliates on MOBE that started their own front end, and they do this by creating all these fake websites, like Home Wealth Club and promise you huge money for joining. What you actually get, is joining MOBE without your consent, and the scam site owner earns a referral commission because you joined MOBE under him. As I said before, there are a number of websites that do this the legit way, without lying to you about what they actually promote. But there are a lot more scam sites, like Home Wealth Club with their promises of a lot of money really fast. Making money online is never that easy.

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Home Wealth Club is just another promoted and advertised a site that in reality, is just a fraud. I definitely won`t be recommending it, because you will not be making the money that the system claims you would and also because I think there are way better ways to make money online than this, like my number one recommendation, which you can check out below.

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