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Infinity Profits System Review

By on August 29, 2017 in Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) with 0 Comments

If you’re trying to find an Infinity Profits System Review or wondering if Infinity Profits System is a Scam, then you’re in the right place.

I’m here to share with you my honest opinion of the Infinity Profits System so keep reading to find out the truth about this opportunity.

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My Infinity Profits System Review

After taking a good look at Infinity Profit System, I am going to share my thoughts with you about them. You have to be very careful what you invest in, nowadays, seeing as how many scam systems and methods there are out there. I have just recently reviewed more than a handful and exposed them as frauds, and I regularly do this right here on this website. Also, when I come across something that is truly legit, like methods created by Tai Lopez and others, I will definitely recommend them for you to try out, sometimes even against the general opinion of what others think about it.

In this review, I will give you the whole gist of the method, its compensation system, their products, their general plan as well as how it is all built up. You can then form your own opinion if it is something worth investing in and joining or not at all. Keep in mind, this is all coming from a neutral party since I am in no way affiliated with the program.

Infinity Profits System Overview

Created by a guy called Dale Payner Sizer, the whole thing was first registered as an official website back in 2015. They are also based in Pennsylvania, as far as I can tell.

Infinity Profits SystemFirst off, if you decide to join the method, there are four different products that you could possibly get access to as an affiliate, based on which tier you want to join into and how much you are willing to invest right from the get go. The starter level will cost you $25 monthly and give you access to a free blog and a course about brands and branding. The basic level sets you back $100 bucks per month and you will receive a platform that you can use for email marketing, as well as another course, this one about automating your business.

The entire thing reminds me of methods that I have been part of in the past, but they have not worked out for me at all, and they also went bankrupt really fast. I`m not really sure this system is as good as they promise it to be, and I really have my doubts about it. As you probably know, if you read this website regularly, I have since moved on to much better opportunities, in no small part thanks to me joining up with marketing expert Keala Kanae from whom I have learned a lot since.

All in all, the products of this method are not really that worthwhile, nor attractive at all and they are probably just looking for people to join up and buy into their products, so they can earn money off of them. That`s probably their major income source as well. It all works really similar to other fake methods I reviewed here so far. You are basically joining the system and buying into either their starter or basic product kits. Then you are also required to promote the system as a whole and get other people to join, who in turn also buy into the method. This all makes a nice chunk of cash for the high ups, but what about you, the actual affiliate?

The Infinity Profits System Compensation Plan

If you take a really close look at their compensation plan, you will see that they offer you 100% return commissions, no matter if you bought into their starter or basic levels. Of course, you will have to be as active as possible to earn that promised commission. However, even the commission offer is a blatant lie right there. What it actually is, is something called a one up plan, that has been around MLM systems like this before. A part of what you earn will always automatically get transferred to the affiliates above you, which probably recruited you in the first place. So you won`t really be earning the full commission and more likely something like 70% or maybe even less. Why don’t they tell you that right from the start? Well, that`s something you should think about and decide for yourself if they are there to scam you or not.

My Infinity Profits System Conclusion

After checking this new system out in detail, I will definitely not recommend this to anyone. What it really looks like, is just another multi level marketing scam system that is only out there to earn off of your efforts, leaving you with a small amount if anything at all. This is nothing compared to legit MLM systems that I have reviewed on this blog in the past. Apart from that, methods like these usually don`t last long, either. After a couple of years, they just disappear and you are left looking for some other opportunity from scratch. It`s just not worth the time and effort invested. And there are a lot of examples of how scam systems like these show up, and then vanish after a while. Definitely, don`t waste your time with something like this.

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