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Internet Wealth Biz Review

By on October 18, 2017 in Make Money Online with 0 Comments

Are you looking for a review of Internet Wealth Biz?  If so then keep reading…

Today in my review, I’ll be sharing my honest opinion of the Internet Wealth Biz, giving you all the information you need to make up your own mind about this latest online opportunity.

Before I start…

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My Internet Wealth Biz Review

This very new online opportunity has just landed in my email inbox and I couldn’t wait to take a closer look so I could share with you guys my unbaised opionin.

So lets get into this…

This system claims to be a money making opportunity like so many other offers and opportunities out there, but honestly, how many of them actually deliver on that promise?  Unfortunately, I think you’ll find My Internet Wealth Biz to be more of a ‘dead duck’ than a ‘cash cow’.

First of all it comes with some gigantic claims about how you can get really rich, really fast, just by doing a few clicks of your mouse here and there and that, by itself, is usually a huge warning sign that something is a scam and not to be trusted. Making money online requires a lot of work and the will to stay on track all the time, even when things don`t look that good. So-called opportunities like these are outright fake and are just there to lure people in and get rich off of them. If you are really new to Internet marketing and making money online, you could stand a good chance of being fooled by something like this, simply because you don`t have the experience to know otherwise, and that is exactly the type of people the owners of this method are targeting with these ridiculous claims. I`ve only recently exposed a bunch of opportunities like this one, which were nothing more then fake systems as well.

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I`ve taken a picture of their main website, so you can check out the claims they make when you first land there. Basically, they promise you that you can make up to $3000 every single day. just by using the tools they provide, and you are going to make that money through AdSense. That, right there is just a blatant lie. Someone new to marketing will never able to make that huge amount of money right from the get go, and also, surely not by using AdSense. It is very hard to make money with that advertiser and you usually don`t get paid much. You would be required to have insane traffic to make that amount of cash with AdSense.

Internet Wealth Biz

Internet Wealth Biz and the Fake Endorsements

Now comes the nasty part of this whole thing. As usual, this method, like so many others, uses the fake testimonial tactic to sell better and to be able to fool you. How this works, is, that the site owners are going to hire people from freelance websites, pay them a really paltry sum of money, give them a general idea of what they should say in the video, and after that, they get a fake testimonial video with someone swearing by this method and blatantly lying about how he or she got rich by joining and using it. I`ve seen this so many times by now, and it seems every scammer out there is trying their best with
this scam tactic.


Just check out these screenshots with these guys, claiming to have made huge amounts of money with little to no effort by using this very method. There is also a guy that claims to have made a quarter of a million dollars in 3 months. You really can`t get any more fake and ridiculous then this, in my opinion. Making that amount of money will require a really professional system, a lot of experience and also a lot of dedication. Someone new to this will surely not be able to make that amount of cash in such a short time. Just take a look at successful marketers and read their success stories. You will clearly see how hard it is to see this kind of achievement, especially online, which can be more competitive then an offline business.

Internet Wealth Biz Review

You can check out a picture of another guy, right here, who claims to have finally achieved success and made millions by using this so called opportunity. The thing is, a lot of people will fall prey to this scam, simply because they don`t do their proper research. They will just go ahead and sign up, and hope to become rich really fast, just like those guys in the testimonials said. They won`t bother to check out reviews and gather opinions before signing up, and that is exactly why fake methods like these keep on popping up. It’s great that you ended up on this blog, so you can save yourself a lot of money by avoiding this thing.  I can guarantee you, that millionaire guy is not really rich, or if he is, he definitely did not get that wealth by using this fake system. He is probably just someone who sells fake endorsements on freelancing websites for pennies.

Internet Wealth Biz Scam

How Does Internet Wealth Biz Work

Your question might be, why I am so sure this method is not a real thing and also how it exactly works. Well, first of all, I have reviewed a lot of websites and methods over the years, and fake systems are really easy to identify. Just like this one, all of them claim that you can make unreal amounts of money with them and almost all of them use fake endorsements to back up their claim.

As to how it actually works, let me just tell you that you will need about $50 just to sign up. It is not really that much, considering that it can be costly to start up a business online, but if a good enough number of people decide to join, the site owners can make a lot of money. But that is not all, after you join, you will be exposed to a ton of fake offers, which you are also required to buy, and which cost much more than the initial joining fee. That`s how these scammers make the real money off of you.

Once you get access to their members section, you will finally get some information for your investment, but sadly, that information will definitely not work, and after trying to implement what they teach you, to make your own money online and try to get your investment back, you will find yourself on the losing side. The information is absolutely worthless and you will definitely not make a cent, which will leave you disappointed and without any chance to get your money`s worth. On the other hand, the site owners of this method will be that much richer because you signed up and bought their expensive offers. They will also probably use part of that money to create other scam system to fool other people with. And don`t forget, once you join up with them, you will get constantly flooded with offers through your email, because you’ve been added to their e-mail lists. That is also a tactic that a lot of fake systems use. Even if you don`t invest anything, they have your mail address and will try to fool you over and over again with the thought in mind that maybe you will join eventually.

Internet Wealth Biz: My Conclusion

As you can see, this whole opportunity is nothing more then a really big scam. But since you are here and reading this review, I`m sure you won`t fall victim to this scam, at least. This thing is just a get rich as fast as you can scheme, like so many others, but the only ones that will get rich really fast are the guys behind this thing. There are a ton of better methods out there that really work and you can check out a lot of them that I have reviewed on this blog. You are much better off trying something that really works instead of wasting your time and money with scams.

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