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Modere Review

By on August 9, 2017 in Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) with 0 Comments

Thank you for checking out my Modere Review. There is a good chance that someone has already approached you with an offer to join this new business opportunity, be it on Facebook or other Social Media, or maybe even in person.

I’m here to tell you all about what they offer and tell you if they are legit or not.

It’s good that you have decided to check out reviews about this system and not just dive headlong into something that might very well be a scam system like so many others out there.

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Modere – The Company Overview

Modere Review

So what about Modere as a company, you might ask? Well, Modere is actually just a re-branding of a company called Neways. Neways was sold way back in 2013 and in itself, it was a really old (26 years old, to be precise) company dealing with network marketing and also a really successful one, making $300 million yearly.

Z Capital acquired Neways back in 2013 and completely changed the company, from the name to the ownership and right through to the actual business model and compensation plan for affiliates. It became a completely new thing. And just the same, Neways became it`s own thing once it changed its brand and name into Modere in 2015. This also happened in all the international markets that Neways operated in, as well.

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What remained the same, though, is the CEO of the company. Robert Conlee has remained CEO since 2012 right through all the changes Neways has gone through during the last 5 years. That is also a very good thing because the leadership of the company seems very competent and they explain right on their website how Modere actually came to be and grew throughout the years.

You can check out their website right at “” and this is what you will find:

Modere Reviews

The Modere Product Line

So what is Modere actually offering? The answer is very simple. They offer a wide variety of products, from health care, nutrition, anti-aging products, wellness, and weight loss through to things like kitchen utensils, cleaning products as well as a lot of things dealing with the household in general. In short, they offer a lot of products for a wide variety of niches and there is something in the selection for just about anyone. You can check out more details and the price of each product right on their website if you are looking for more information. Needless to say, the fact that they offer such a wide variety of things to sell, is very good for anyone looking to be an affiliate of theirs.

Modere Products

The Modere Compensation Plan

Now that you know about what they actually offer, let`s take a really close look at their compensation plan and how much you could actually make with the company if you decide to buy into it.

Right off the bat, Modere is a network marketing company through and through. Once you become an affiliate, you can sell products to people and earn good commissions, and you can also bring other people into the company, and earn commissions from their sales as well. The start-up costs to join the company are around $30, but you get encouraged right from the start to try and buy into their Builder Collection package, which will cost you $400 but will also allow you to sell a lot more products than what the basic package offers.

They have a lot of offers that generate compensation for anyone deciding to become an affiliate and that is actually a very good thing because it gives you a lot of options. There are also a lot of bonuses you can receive as a member, they range from bonuses you would receive based on how many people under you bought the Builder Collection to bonuses you will receive for consistently selling products during a certain period of time and there is also a system based on points which you can earn as a marketer working for Modere. These points can then later be exchanged for gifts, free products, and samples as well as free shipping for your products that you sell. You can check out this video below, which explains the huge list of compensation methods that they offer, but you should take it with a grain of salt, as it is heavily biased and I don`t really endorse it, as it is more like an informational advertisement than anything else.

The Modere Verdict

This part is probably the most important piece in this entire review and the one you have been waiting for. Is Modere real or just a scam?

Modere is a really well organized and managed company, without a doubt, with a trustworthy brand to their name. It`s like with Microsoft or Steam. When you visit their site, you instantly know the brand and you know it`s something professional. I`m definitely not going to go on a rant about this company as so many other reviewers have done because they don`t deserve that. Most people who gave Modere negative reviews are people who have not really done a good job at researching what network marketing actually is. You cannot just join a company or program and then expect money to come to you on autopilot. And a lot of people who don`t see instant success whine about how something is just a scam. Network marketing is hard work for a lot of months before you start to see any kind of success, and Modere is no different. You must treat something like this like a real business, like your business and not just a hobby. That is why a lot of people fail at marketing online.

My advice to you about Modere is to check out the pricing on their products. If they are competitive to current markets, you will see success sooner. If they are overpriced, though, you might have a tougher time making an actual sale and earning commissions. But all in all, this is definitely a legit company and not a scam.

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