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Push Button System Review

By on October 3, 2017 in Make Money Online with 2 Comments

Looking for a review of Push Button System Review?  Then keep reading…

In my review, I’ll be sharing my honest opinion of the Push Button System, giving you all the details you need to make up your own mind about this latest online opportunity.

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My Push Button System Review

The Push Button System is one of the latest opportunities on the internet today so it’s something I’ve decided to take a really close look at and in this review.  I`m going to share with you everything that I’ve found out about it, as well as my completely honest opinion.  At first glance, Push Button System looks like just another scam opportunity and something I definitely wouldn’t recommend to you. Keep reading and I’ll tell you exactly why I think Push Button System is a scam and the reasons you should stay away from this opportunity.

You can check out a simple screenshot that I have taken from their sales pitch video right here, and you can see that the whole thing is blown out of proportions right from the get-go. If you would actually watch the whole video, you will be flooded with gigantic claims on how you would get instantly rich by taking part in this opportunity. They even go so far as to claim that people who took part, earned a year`s worth of money that they would have earned on a regular job, just by pushing a single button once.

Push Button System Review

Whenever I see something like this, I cannot help myself but to instantly expose it as a total scam and not something that is worth your while. I mean, just think about it. You push one button, and you would earn around $30k. I don`t even know how these people can claim something as ridiculous and be completely serious about it.

And why I say this, is really simple. I have been making money online for a long time now, even going as high as making seven-figure incomes, but it happened through hard work and a lot of learning. I earned that amount of money from affiliate commissions that I had to work hard for to drive good traffic too and it also took a good amount of time to reach those income sums. But it definitely did not happen by me pushing a button and then seeing those dollars just roll into my bank account. I have also checked out and exposed a ton of websites right here on this blog as being pure scam methods, and I can tell you without a doubt whatsoever, that this opportunity is just another one of those. And besides that, I don`t think I have ever seen something as hyped and ridiculous as this one, yet. The amount of money they promise you without any work invested is just plain incredible. What they claim is impossible and if you buy into it, you will definitely lose your money and end up being disappointed, while, at the same time, making somebody else rich.

The Push Button System Fake Endorsements

Once again, this scam, like so many others as well, resorts to shady tactics like fake testimonials and endorsements. I have seen this being done over and over again by many different opportunities, which all turned out to be fake. The people you see in their sales pitch videos claim that they have seen real success with this and have gotten rich in the process, but the truth is, they were probably hired off of a freelance website and paid to say just that in front of a camera.

You can check out a couple of those fake endorsements right here. You will see men and women claiming that they have indeed made around $25k to $30k by using this opportunity and pushing that button, but the real truth is, that they were hired. There are freelance websites that offer this gig, providing testimonials for different things in case the real owner does not want to appear on camera. But sadly, those people also provide fake ones for scammers when hired, and this has been abused for a long time now, as these fake endorsements are appearing everywhere on fake sales pitch videos. You can even see the same guys doing endorsements for different methods, which is also proof that they were hired to do it.

Push Button System Scam

What Exactly Is The Whole Push Button System About?

Simply put, it`s one of those getting really rich, really fast schemes that you should definitely avoid as much as possible. I have reviewed a lot of opportunities and systems over the years, and I have come across these schemes over and over again.  They promise you a lot of money, without any work. It`s as simple as that. You are basically required to invest into it, and then the opportunity promises you to do all the hard work automatically and you are basically just waiting to see those big numbers flow into your bank account. That is the basic outline. The truth, though, is, that once you join, you will get more and more sales pitches on how you can make even more, by investing even more and that you should buy different products to get rich even faster. What it all boils down to, is that they want to squeeze as much money out of you as possible, with you being left only with empty promises and lost investments, which is money that you will never see again, as you have just lined the site owners pockets with it.

Also, once you join, you will keep receiving advertisements and emails to the address you subscribed with. They are basically advertising other scam methods with even bigger promises of how to make you rich. All you will end up is a lot of lost money and disappointment. You might even give up on the idea of making money online because you will think that all these opportunities are fake, which would be a huge mistake, as there are really good ones out there that work and are definitely not fake or fraud systems.

My Push Button System Conclusion

I will definitely not be recommending this opportunity to you, simply because it is a complete fraud. There is no such thing as pushing a button and earning thousands of dollars instantly. Those are all just fake promises to fool you out of your cash, making scammers rich, who can then go ahead and create more scam methods to fool other people with, getting even richer in the process.

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