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Millionaire Mastermind Review

By on July 29, 2017 in Make Money Online with 0 Comments

Recently I stumbled upon a new system to make money online, called The Millionaire Mastermind which has been developed by a guy called Coach Giani. It is basically a method that deals with affiliate marketing and uses other techniques like CPA marketing. But is it the real deal? Do they really teach you all they promise you? I am here to share my completely honest opinion and review with you. But before we get into that, if you are fed up with all those scam systems and methods around the Internet, make sure to check out my No.1 Recommendation for a working solution to making money online, below.

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Overview of Millionaire Mastermind

The first time I heard about this new method was while watching one of my favorite entrepreneurs on YouTube, Grant Cardone. Coach Giani advertises his method on Cardone`s channel, and that is a really huge plus for this system because Grant Cardone is definitely legitimate businessman and he is surely conducting background checks on anyone he allows to promote their system on his channel to make sure they are not fake or just scam systems. The other plus point is that Coach Giani has actually appeared on a TV show run by Grant Cardone, called Power Players.

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Who exactly is Coach Giani?

Besides developing Millionaire Mastermind, this guy has appeared in a number of articles and publications that talk about how he started teaching people how to make money online with very little initial investment, eventually leading up to a full-time online income for anyone taking his advice and training. His company description is that of an affiliate marketing program based on results and a company that strives to educate people on how to achieve success, with already hundreds of successful trainees under their belt. But the main question is, does affiliate marketing really work? The very simple and short answer is, yes, yes it does, and besides that, it is also one of the best methods to earn money online.

Coach Giani is also not the only tutor that is working for the company. There are a couple of other people involved with Millionaire Mastermind that will teach you about their new method. Read on and check out some pictures I will share with you of the people that are on board this method.

Millionaire Mastermind - Giancarlo Barazza

Who Else Is On Board with Millionaire Mastermind?

First off, there is the co-founder of the entire company, Rafael. This guy was able to make as high as 7 figure incomes through systems he developed himself and implemented. Without a doubt, this is someone you definitely want to learn from, as he can take you from complete newbie to an entirely new level by sharing his experiences and offering rock-solid advice.

Millionaire Mastermind - Rafael Luque

Then we have Samuel, who is the marketing director of the company. He was also able to make up to 7 figures in his first year doing business online. Which, by itself, is a huge achievement for anyone, especially since many people struggle to achieve that kind of success even after many years of doing online marketing. What Samuel did, was specializing in CPA and mastering it, using techniques that involve Facebook, Google Ads, and Native Ads as well as other, lesser known lead generating methods. I can personally attest that CPA marketing works like a charm since I have also used methods that involve CPA to reach 6 figure income successes in the past. In the world of online marketing, you cannot really go wrong with CPA, especially if you know what you are doing and how to implement it perfectly like these guys do.

Millionaire Mastermind - Samuel Xiveiro

So Is Millionaire Mastermind A Scam?

After looking really closely at Millionaire Mastermind, as well as doing a background check on Coach Giani, I can definitely say that this is not a scam method. I also checked out other reviews, opinions, and testimonials from other people who tried the system out for themselves. The truth is, this seems to be one of the best methods out there right now and something that can definitely teach you how to start out with Internet marketing and achieving good success for yourself in the future. Seeing as how many scam systems are springing up on the Internet each and every day, it`s really nice to stumble upon a method that is absolutely legitimate and created to help you. Just take a look at all the frauds I expose regularly on this website, good examples being Home Job Position or Paid To Send Email. After exposing so many scams, I can easily tell if something is real or not. Fake methods usually use fake identities, fake reviews, and testimonials and they also don`t really last very long. They usually get very popular for a couple of months, before being exposed by people like me, and then the owners just disappear and come back with some new scam method to continue and try to dupe you out of your money for their own gain. I can definitely assure you that Millionaire Mastermind is not one of those.

My Millionaire Mastermind Recommendation

The Millionaire Mastermind method or system is not a scam, however, I won`t be recommending it to you. And the reason for that is because I still believe that my No.1 Recommendation is still the best system out there for you, my readers. Right now, there is free training so even if you don’t sign up you are still going to get great training for free. For me it’s about a quality product supported by a business that values its customers. Far too often in this industry do you get people teaching out dated methods, over charging and zero support post purchase. My No.1 Recommendation is completely the opposite.

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