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Millionaire Mentor by Tai Lopez Review

By on August 15, 2017 in Make Money Online with 0 Comments

Looking for a Millionaire Mentor Review?

I’ve been taking a closer look at this company to learn more about it and now I’m sharing my honest findings on this page.

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Millionaire Mentor Review

You might or might not know Tai Lopez, but I have reviewed a lot of his opportunities here on this blog. His latest opportunity is called Millionaire Mentor and promises that it can help you become wealthy quickly. But is it true or just another scam. I have taken a really close look at this new method and here is what I think.

Once again Tai Lopez is at it, offering a new opportunity to help people find success in the online marketing world. As I have said, I have checked out a lot of methods that this guy has brought out in the last couple of months, like his real estate flipping method, a program called Social Media Agency, an opportunity dealing with how to be a traveling CEO, as well as his newest product called The Master Plan. A lot of people out there still consider Tai to be scammer and someone just out to get your money, but I can assure you, he offers a ton of value in his programs and if you check out the videos that he has up on YouTube, you can see that they are so jam packed with content that he offers for free, it`s incredible. It`s actually more than what most paid online marketing courses offer. And they are completely free and right there for anyone to check out and learn from.

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There are definitely a lot of people who consider themselves millionaires as well as mentors and offer similar courses like this one, but the truth is, most of them are scammers and liars. It is really a nice change to actually see a real millionaire like Tai Lopez out on the Internet offering his knowledge and teaching people how to achieve what he did. In the 2 hours long Millionaire Mentor video, Tai takes great length in talking about how he first started out, living in a trailer and how he managed to achieve great success now living in a huge villa in Beverly Hills, owning luxury cars and being able to travel the world whenever he wants to. He is basically living the life he has always wanted and you can easily look up his YouTube channel as well as his Instagram page to see all the places he has traveled to so far and the luxury life that he lives right now.

You can check out the Millionaire Method video right here if you want to take a closer look yourselves.

Millionaire Mentor – Overview

If you decide to try out Millionaire Mentor, you will get a couple of things up front. First of all, Tai will personally coach you five days per week during the 12 week duration of the course. You will also get the opportunity to be tutored by a couple of friends of Tai`s who are very successful experts in their respective fields. This is also huge proof that Tai is not a scammer. If he feels he is not really an expert in something, he does not shy away from bringing in other people to give you proper coaching and information that you would need. And those people are paid for from Tai`s personal budget, often reaching up to 6 figures every month for their services.

millionaire mentor scam

You can easily check out most details about Millionaire Mentor in the two-hour presentation that I have linked to above. It basically explains everything about the whole system, as well as how to join. The entire thing is just perfect for anybody starting out in the online marketing world, but also for people who already own an online business but are looking to learn how to scale it up and make more money than they already do. Tai Lopez has helped a lot of people reach even 7 figure incomes starting from barely anything, and that includes companies and established businesses as well, who were struggling in making their business better and more successful.

Is Millionaire Mentor a Scam?

A lot of people have heard that Tai Lopez is nothing more than a scammer, and that is thanks to the Internet and a lot of jealous and skeptical people who spread their opinions around without any proof to back up what they are saying. It is only natural that once someone achieves the amount of success that Tai has, a lot of people will either be second guessing it or be outright angry and jealous of it and try to undermine it as best as they can. If you do a quick search on Tai Lopez and scam, you will get a ton of results stating how much of a scammer he is, but those websites and reviews are either made by those angry and jealous people mentioned above, or by other online marketers who are trying to ride on Tai`s success and promoting their own methods which they claim are the real thing and much more superior to what Tai does.

millionaire mentor review

I have checked out Tai`s methods in the past and have also watched the hundreds of videos that he has online, so I have a pretty good personal experience with the guy and I can guarantee you 100 percent that Tai Lopez is not a scammer. He definitely knows his thing and all of us can learn a lot from him on how to build up a successful online marketing business.

Conclusion and My Recommendation

I took a really good look at his two-hour long presentation and I am really happy to say that I truly recommend this newest method. There are zero reasons you should not try this out as soon as you can, and you should also hurry before he closes the whole thing down. Tai usually keeps his methods online for a couple of months before shutting them down once he gets enough people on board, and there is no guarantee he will bring them up in the future. You might be missing out on a huge opportunity if you don`t act fast.

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Tai Lopez Scam

By on August 1, 2017 in Make Money Online with 0 Comments

Is Tai Lopez a scam or scammer? There have been a bunch of really nasty rumors about Tai Lopez circulating around the Internet lately and most of them are saying that he is a scam. But is it true? Right off the bat, I will tell you that Tai Lopez is definitely not a scam but more like a genius in the online marketing world. A lot of people have found out about Tai via YouTube and his video about the many cars he owns, it’s called “Here in My Garage”. He has also done a couple of Facebook advertisements touring his house and showing it off to people. I also found out about him on Facebook while watching a video a friend of mine had liked and he instantly rang the right bells with me. I`m going to show you the real truth about Tai Lopez in this review.

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Tai Lopez and The Real Truth

Now, the real truth about Tai is the fact that he has a lot of social media presence on Facebook and on YouTube and he is selling courses on how to be a successful Internet Marketer. A lot of people automatically think he is a scammer because he does this, but if you take a really close look at what he actually sells, you will find a lot of value in there that can actually help you for real. If you actually check out his channel on YouTube, you will see that almost all of his videos are not sales videos or cheap sales pitches, but instead full of original content and advice that he shares around the Internet completely free. Of course, sometimes there is a sales video in there in which he promotes his webinar or marketing courses but that is only a small percentage of all the videos that he has going. The same is true for Facebook. Most of the time he shares a lot of free info with his followers that you can apply to your online business and only occasionally does he promote his methods, courses, and promotional ads. Let me tell you, no scammer would give anything away for free, much less the amount that Tai does.

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Tai Lopez ScamTai Lopez also has huge connections with celebrities and successful entrepreneurs worldwide. If he was just another scammer out to cheat you and trick you into investing in him and steal your money, he would never have made the connections he has. A good example would be Mark Cuban, a billionaire entrepreneur, who has been at Tai`s house and played basketball with him just hanging out. Tai would need to be the best scammer in the world to actually fool someone like Mark Cuban. You can check out the video of the two on Tai`s channel. Another thing that comes up over and over again from haters, is the fact that they think Tai only rented his house in Beverly Hills and has not actually bought it. It is really ridiculous, seeing as how huge the property is and even if someone would just rent it, they would be paying around 50k per month for rent and Tai has been living there for more than a year. That is proof enough of the amount of money he claims he has earned through his methods and businesses I think; if he can afford a property like this.

The Tai Lopez Business Model

So what is Tai Lopez actually all about if he is not a scammer. Many people hate him because he usually speaks only about his offline businesses and does not really get into what his current ventures are. But the simple truth of the matter is, that his current business is Tai Lopez himself. He is one of the biggest Internet Marketers and entrepreneurs and he is selling his methods, experiences, and knowledge through courses and webinars. He has an entry level course in which he teaches you how to be successful in 67 steps but also has more expensive items available which teach you even more about the ins and outs of marketing online. He also teaches about affiliate marketing and being an affiliate and promotes other people`s products in his videos and online courses as well. The reason that many people regard him as a scammer comes from the fact that those people want these courses and his knowledge for free. But ask yourself, is college, for example, free? It is not and you will have to pay for any kind of higher education, be it college or courses on learning a new language, for example. The same is true for high-quality courses and knowledge about building a successful business for yourself. And that is exactly what Tai Lopez offers.

Is Tai’s Expertise Real?

I can tell you right now that I consider Tai Lopez to be an absolute genius in the online marketing world, be it affiliate marketing, social media marketing or otherwise. To achieve the amount of exposure he has requires a lot of effort and a lot of money invested smartly and also a lot of time. I am in the online marketing business as well, and when I first checked out his videos, they instantly resonated with me on a business level. Tai Lopez is huge on almost all social media platforms, be it Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or even SnapChat and I know how hard it can be nowadays to grow exposure on these platforms, especially in the business and lifestyle niches. You can check out my review of Tai Lopez The Master Plan Review right here.

My Tai Lopez Conclusion

Tai Lopez is without a doubt not a scammer and all those haters on the Internet saying that he is, have probably never checked out any of his social media pages or channels, nor bought any of his courses and tried them out for themselves. It is really easy to brand someone a scammer in the world of Internet Marketing because there are a ton of scammers out there for sure, but Tai Lopez is definitely not one of them. I have personally only bought his 67 step course so far, but that is only because he gives away so much for free on his social media outlets. If you want proof, just check out his videos on YouTube which are not promotional and see for yourself how much you can learn about marketing by just by watching them for free.

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