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United Games Marketing Review

By on August 29, 2017 in Make Money Online with 0 Comments

Looking for a United Games Marketing Review or wondering about the rumors of the United Games Marketing Scam, then you’re in the right place.

I’ve been taking a closer look at United Games Marketing and in this review, I am going to share my honest and unbiased opinion about this opportunity. Keep reading to find out the truth.

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My United Games Marketing Review?

This method was created and founded by a guy called Jeff Henderson. He is the current CEO of the company and has a background in manufacturing, engineering as well as working with other top rated companies in the industry.

United Games Marketing Review

Other people under him include different marketing specialists from various fields, even the video game industry. They are based and work out of Utah, but have offices in Europe as well. All in all, it seems to be a pretty solid and well-established company.

United Games Marketing Overview

What they basically do, is develop and sell an app. And to be more specific, a game app. While there is not much info about it to go on, on their website, according to reviews, the game seems to be really fun to play and you can share it all around with friends and acquaintances. And here comes the thing, once you share the app with someone, and they download it, they become your affiliate under you. So the whole thing is basically an affiliate marketing method, as far as I can tell. But read on to find out more about that in the Compensation section of this review. There is also some kind of virtual currency available in the app that you can buy to unlock more parts of the game and certain features that are otherwise unavailable, but that is pretty standard fare for apps like these and most of them use it.

United Games Marketing Compensation And How They Do It

It`s pretty similar to other affiliate marketing methods. You market and sell the app to other people, who will become your direct affiliates automatically, and then you earn commission from both the sale and from the amount of virtual currency the people under you buy with real money. There are also four different levels with United Games Marketing and are as follows:

Tier 1: You basically sign up with them and become an affiliate, and you are required to pay a monthly membership fee, which is currently just about $10.
Tier 2: This level costs the same amount of money as the first one, but will also put you on a team with other affiliates and gives you a bit of a start up bonus when first starting out. I`m not really sure what the differences between these two levels are, as there is not much info to go around.
Tiers 3 and 4: There is basically zero info available on the website, either. There are two possibilities here. They might not really exist at all, or they are not yet implemented into the whole marketing system of this company.

United Games Marketing

United Games Marketing Commission Plan

There is a so called one level compensation system in place here. You will earn directly from sales and affiliates, then you will earn from those under you that you brought in and you will earn from those they bring in as well. So the money basically flows upwards to you and from you to those who brought you into the system. There is also something called a matching bonus, which depends on your current level in the company and can range from level 1, with a 20% bonus to level four with gives you 20% plus 10% to 5% for every level before that.

My United Games Marketing Verdict

I have taken a really good look at this entire thing, and I can tell you right now that it is not a scam. It does probably work as well, although it seems unfinished as of right now. You can go ahead and check it out if you like, but there is no guarantee you will be making money with them, or even getting back your initial investment. As for recommending it to you? I will not, and it`s simply because I think marketing online in the classical sense has way more potential than marketing an app. Selling applications in the mobile world can sometimes be very hard because you will definitely have to deal with a lot of competition and the gaming market on mobile is also very flooded right now. But I have just the right thing that I can recommend to you if you want to check it out below.

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