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Virtual Bee Review

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Looking for an unbiased review of Virtual Bee? Or interested in the Virtual Bee Scam?


You are definitely in the right place as I will be sharing my completely honest opinion about this method with you today, revealing the truth behind this latest online method.

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The Virtual Bee Full Review

This system is one of the big ones in the data entry biz on the Internet. It basically acts as a sort of middle man between companies needing data entry workers and the workers themselves looking to get hired. There are a couple of such systems and companies around and I have checked them out on this blog already. Virtual Bee is one of the more famous ones and most people in the business know about it. However, if you get as big as they are, you also need to create and uphold a very good reputation. Sadly, they failed at the part completely. Read on to find out more about my personal experiences with them.

Virtual Bee Review

First, of, you have to register on their website, which is normal procedure for any method. Then, you are required to do a number of predetermined tests, which you have to pass with high scores all around. If you do, you are allowed to proceed to the next level. Seeing as how they are a really big company, these tests usually check on your typing ability, how grammatically correct you can type, but most importantly, how fast you can type. They have a basic standard requirement that you must reach in order to get hired by them, and that is quite understandable to be honest because they get a lot of applications daily and must choose between all those applicants. They cannot hire everybody. The tests are pretty strict and act as a way to determine who is best suited for the job and who is not.

Once you pass the tests, you will get placed on a waiting list and have to wait for someone from the company to call you and confirm if you are hired or not. While I personally agree with the whole testing procedure, as data entry jobs are usually very well paid, it`s also one of the problems of this method. Seeing as how many people try and apply each day, the company basically realized that they will probably never have a shortage of employees, so they decided to drastically reduce the amount they pay their workers. I find this a very shady and underhanded tactic and completely disrespectful towards anyone doing any kind of work.

How You Earn With Virtual Bee

When the company first started, they offered a rate of $0.80 per thousand characters or keystrokes. Since then, they reduced the amount to a measly $0.20. By itself, this is a very low rate, but if you keep in mind that the amount of work you get is also very low, you are probably not going to make much as a worker here. You are assigned a job here and there but nothing consistent. So the initial time you have to wait until you get hired, coupled with the really low pay rates, as well as the low amount of work you could do, does not really sound very good at all if you are looking to work for this system. Also, there have been major complaints from people actually not getting paid by them. Even after powering through all of the issues mentioned above, the tests, the waiting period and the low rates, workers who have successfully completed the jobs assigned to them did not receive any payment whatsoever. And worst of all, they did not receive any information or help from client support either, which seems like a huge warning sign that this could be a scam. A good client support is key for any legitimate company.

Virtual Bee

So is it really worth it? The short answer is definitely: NO. I mean, you would basically have to go through those tests, then wait for them to call you to confirm if you are hired or not, then you would have to wait to get a proper assignment and then you should also take the really low rates into account. And also, there is always the chance that you won`t be paid at all, or that you would have to struggle to contact their support team which most often does not even respond to your issues.

This method is definitely only something for people who either love to work as a data entry worker or have no other means to make money. I`m really sure you cannot make a living working for this company unless you are ready to work all day long and that is also only in case you get enough jobs to even be able to work. There is a good thing to the method, however, since they don`t charge any kind of registration fee from anyone looking to sign up, no matter if they are local or international.

My Virtual Bee Conclusion and Recommendation

Virtual Bee is not a scam, as you can really earn some money with them, but as mentioned above, you will need to work very hard and you would also need to constantly get assigned jobs for this to work. Unlike other, real fraud methods that I have reviewed here on this blog, this can be a real opportunity. But you will definitely not be able to earn a living doing data entry with them and this method is only good for a little extra cash in your pocket if you think it is worth it to invest that much that time for that little pay.

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