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Youngevity Review

By on August 29, 2017 in Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) with 0 Comments

If you’re looking for a Youngevity Review or wondering about the rumors about the Youngevity Scam, then you’re in the right place.

I’ve been taking a closer look at Youngevity and in this review, I am going to share my honest and unbiased opinion about this MLM opportunity. Keep reading to find out the truth.

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My Youngevity Review

This system was originally created by Steven Wallach and you can look up info about him on their website. Basically, it is just another multi level marketing method or MLM, which deals with nutritional products that an affiliate can market and re-sell to earn a commission. From what I have seen, they are offering actual products so that they don`t come off as just another pyramid scam method.

Youngevity Scam

I have checked out a lot of MLM system right here on this blog and some are real and will give you the opportunity to really earn money with them, while some are complete scams. And one very important point when trying to identify scam methods from the real thing is if you take a look at the product and what their prices are. If the products are priced really high, then it means that the company is actually looking to recruit affiliates and getting more people into their system rather than be actually interested to sell their products. And Youngevity offers some really high priced items indeed.

The Youngevity Products

One of their biggest products is a multivitamin and mineral drink that goes for about $40 per bottle. It seems a very high price, and that is because it actually is very costly. If you check out Amazon and compare the nutritional values of this method`s product with what they offer on Amazon, they are basically the same, however, the nutritional drinks on Amazon go for much less. And those drinks also come from a very well known company, that is proven to be legitimate. So the big question is, what would warrant the huge price tag on Youngevity`s drink? Is it better? And if so, how?

Also, the Amazon product has much better reviews and generally a better overall opinion from customers who use it. This method`s product basically tells you that you can use their drink and replace your daily need for fresh fruit and vegetables with it. This is hilarious because any doctor will tell you that you cannot really just use a synthetic supplement to get all the vitamins and minerals your body needs. Supplements are just that, and not there to replace a healthy diet.

They also have huge claims on how their product is extremely healthy and helps with a number of diseases, but as far as I checked, there have been no actual clinical tests done that could scientifically prove this.

There is currently a trend going on in the MLM scene, especially those based on the health and nutrition niche. They are basically focusing much more on marketing their product as much as they can, to make those big numbers and huge sales, rather than actually creating a legitimate product that actually does what it says and is not just out there to fool people in to buying it, so that the company gets richer by it. And this method is sadly not much different than those others. Their major income is actually not from the selling of their so called awesome product, but from fooling people to sign up to them, who are then required to buy their overpriced product packages with the promise of making top dollar if they manage to sell them to other people. New affiliates are also required to get more people into the system on a regular basis, which in turn are required to buy the overpriced products as well, and so on and on. This system makes a lot of money like that, enticing people to join them with promises of making them rich by selling a flawed product.

The huge difference, as I mentioned before, is, that legitimate MLM companies actually have products that are really cheap to buy, which affiliates then can re-sell to earn a commission. And the products themselves are also legitimate and they work. Prices are usually lower than what someone would pay at a store for similar products, so they would naturally buy from an affiliate if given a good offer. It all makes it that much easier for the affiliate to earn really good money through the method. Take a good look at Avon, for example, who is one of the biggest in the industry. And they have been for many years. Simply because they are legit, and not a scam.

For a customer, I would advise you to make up your own mind about this system`s offer. You can buy their products and see if they really work or not, for yourselves, but keep in mind that they are really expensive and you could probably buy similar products for much less, elsewhere.

My Youngevity Conclusion and Recommendation

First of all, I will not be recommending you this to you simply because there are much better MLM opportunities that you can try out with much better, and legitimate products that actually work and that are actually much easier to sell. Secondly, I much prefer marketing opportunities in the online world, as they have a better rate of return on investment, in my opinion.

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