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The Banker Profit System Review

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Welcome to my review of The Banker Profit System.

Is The Banker Profit System a legit method to earn money online or simply one more Binary Option Scam? Let’s get a closer look and see.

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The Banker Profit System – We would like to understand the facts! Will The Banker Profit System really work now? Does The Banker Profit System represent genuine value? Is it easy to earn money with the The Banker Profit System product?

The Banker Profit System Review

Product Name: The Banker Profit System
Product Type: Binary Options Trading Software
Price: No cost

The Banker Profit System in Depth

Finally The Banker Profit System has launched and it’s now available for would be dealers to get involved. The Banker Profit System has been a while in the making and I understand a great deal of people are actually waiting to get their hands on this system but is it actually worth the actual hype or simply another Binary Options system.

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So you’ve had all the emails telling you to purchase and become involved however is the hype and lavish promises about The Banker Profit System genuine?

Let’s take a deeper dive into this product and find out.

What is a Binary Option?

Binary Options are a type of Option that if traded there is only 2 feasible results. The trader is either prosperous and wins the actual trade or they’re unsuccessful and they lose. This is in contrast to regular financial Options that typically have a consistent range of payback.

In the field of trading Binary Options are pretty straightforward because of the simplistic results. Asset Options compensate a sum equal to the actual asset and Cash Options will compensate in cash. Of course these two scenarios assume that you have won the trade. Of course if you lose the trade then you’ve lost any possible gain and your trading funds.

How do Binary Options work?

To get access to the marketplace and actually place trades you have to sign up for a trading account with a Binary Options Broker.

To trade you’ll have to either place a CALL or a PUT upon a specific option for example Apple stock. A CALL trade is if you believe the stock will increase in price and a PUT trade is if you believe the stock will drop. You are able to select different expiry times from A minute up to and including a few hours or even days however typically binary options work on short time frames.

When you trade a Binary Option you’re putting a 50/50 wager that the currency pair will either end up being higher or lesser at the end of the trade period.

These 3 tips describe Binary Option Trading:

1 – Carefully choose your vehicle – Currency, Stock, Index or Commodity.
2 – Figure out which direction your vehicle is going to move and place the right Call or Put Trade.
3 – Set aside your spend to the trade.

CALL Trades are trades where you think the asset will be higher in value after the trade duration. PUT Trades will be trades where you believe the asset will be lower in value after the trade timeframe.

Should you win the trade you will receive your initial investment back along with a percentage of the initial investment. The percentage range can differ between 70 to 90Percent. This variance relies upon the asset you are trading. Forex pairs that are more often traded like the EUR/USD often offer higher percentage returns.

Binary Options Brokers The Facts

Binary Brokers need you to lose – it’s a straightforward truth which I am going to expose in the following example. You see the terrible truth is that Binary Brokers couldn’t endure if you and 100s just like you weren’t taking a loss

So this particular illustration is easier for me to demonstrate I’ll use the currency pair EUR/USD and a win to loss rate of 50/50.

In the illustration 50 individuals make a CALL trade on the asset and 50 people make a PUT trade.

Of those 100 traders the CALL investors are the winners. After 60 seconds the forex pair finished higher.

If every single trader traded $100 that would mean that 50 individuals lost $5,000 ($100 x 50 trades) and 50 investors won. However the winners only win between 70 to 90Percent so let’s be favorable and utilize 90Percent. So percent
that is$100 x 50 x 90% $4,500. Meaning the broker has made $500 and if the trade timeframe was 60 seconds that’s $500 in 60 seconds.

In the above illustration I’d been very conservative, now picture if the win/loss rate was 25/75 and the winners only got a 70% return.

Can you truly earn money with The Banker Profit System?

I hope the earlier mentioned illustration resonates with you and lets you know that the chances are loaded against you.

Ask your self these questions:

If Binary Option Brokers only make money when individuals lose money how do they continue to be operating?


When a Trading Broker pays an affiliate a commission payment of $200 up-wards that is a strong indicator that the Broker will make a lot more than $200 from the introduced trader.

The uncomfortable truth about Binary Option Trading products is that they are merely extremely ingenious incentives to get hopeful traders signed up with Brokers and in exchange the affiliate marketer takes a healthy commission payment.

Is The Banker Profit System a rip-off?

Systems like The Banker Profit System are simply a smart promotional technique intended to get YOU to deposit funds in excess of $200 with a Binary Option Broker after which the affiliate makes a nice healthy Click Per Action (CPA) commission.

You have to know that the monies placed with the Binary Options Broker will be non-refundable.

You should be aware that The Banker Profit System isn’t a sustainable business. You you wont get any training and when you have transferred your money and made your trade that is the conclusion of the relationship until you place your subsequent trade.

Don’t forget the specifics outlined above. The only people set to make money within this relationship would be the affiliate marketer and the binary broker.


The Banker Profit System is yet another in a very long line of Binary Option Products designed to get traders to place deposits on Binary Trading networks so Brokers and Affiliate marketers can make easy cash.

My Recommendation

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Generating money using The Banker Profit System will be based on luck as opposed to skill because of the nature of how Binary Options operate. My professional recommendation would be to avoid The Banker Profit System.

Make sure you leave your comments and feedback on my review and if you acquire The Banker Profit System for your experiences.

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