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The Bonus Busters Review

By on October 7, 2015 in Binary Options with 1 Comment

Thank you for taking time to read my The Bonus Busters review.

Let’s jump in to The Bonus Busters and take a close look at this Binary Option Product. Is it a rip-off or a legit way to make money with Binary Options?

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What is the The Bonus Busters Product about? Does the The Bonus Busters Product work? Is The Bonus Busters really worth the price tag? Are you going to really be able to make income with The Bonus Busters?

The Bonus Busters Summary

Product Name: The Bonus Busters
Product Type: Online Trading Software
Price: No cost

The Bonus Busters Review

The Bonus Busters has at long last been released so we are pleased to provide you with another Binary Options system review. Is the greatly hyped system worth the price ticket? Does it perform and actually deliver good results or is it simply yet another Binary Trading rip-off?

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I believe that you can agree that there has been some pretty strong claims about this product. So let’s take a close look at The Bonus Busters and find out the truth behind this system.

What are Binary Options?

Binary Options Trading is simple to understand which is the reason why they are popular. In essence there are only ever 2 possible outcomes – You will win the trade or you lose the trade. In contrast to regular financial options that have a consistent spectrum of payback or payment.

There’s 2 key types of binary options: asset-or-nothing, and also cash-or-nothing. An asset-or-nothing binary option will pay out a sum equal to the underlying value of the security; a cash-or-nothing binary option will generate money if it expires whilst “in the money”. In the world of trading, binary options are actually relatively simple to comprehend.

How does Binary Options Trading work?

To trade Binary Options you register with the Binary Options Broker where you will have accessibility to the market where you are able to place trades.

Trading Binary Options is really a decision between a Call or a Put trade. For example; If you believe the stock you are trading will increase you would place a Call trade and if you believe it will fall you’d place a Put trade. When trading Binary Options the trades normally last for smaller periods of time then ordinary options. So a single Binary Trade might last a second up to several days whereas ordinary options may trade indefinitely.

When you trade a Binary Option you’re putting a 50/50 bet that the currency pair will either end up being higher or lesser at the end of the trade duration.

Three tips to Binary Options Trading:

1 – Carefully choose your vehicle – Currency, Stock, Index or Commodity.
2 – Figure out which route your vehicle is going to move and place the correct Call or Put Trade.
3 – Decide exactly how much you would like to invest on your trade.

Placing a trade which says the asset is going to be higher after the trade duration is known as ‘CALL’ PUT Trades are trades where you believe the asset is going to be reduced in price at the end of the trade timeframe.

Once the trade has completed, often called the Trading period, if you’ve won the trade you’ll get back your initial investment plus success fees which could range between 70 and 90 %. It’s a well-known fact that currency pairs, so for example USD/CAD, return a greater success fee compared to other vehicles like Stocks.

Binary Options Brokers The Real Truth Uncovered

Before I get in to this you have to realize that lots more people lose cash with Binary Options than win. How do I know? Simply because Binary Option Brokers would not exist as they count on individuals losing.

To help make this illustration easy to comprehend let’s make use of a win/loss rate of 50/50 (which is very conservative) and the asset we’re trading is the currency pair EUR/USD.

So let’s suggest 50 traders make a CALL trade on EUR/USD and 50 individuals place a PUT trade.

Which means that 100 traders have placed trades. So once the trade finishes we’re advised that the pair closed higher so those that placed a CALL trade have won and those who placed a PUT trade have lost.

Each trader made $100 trade. So collectively 50 people lost $5,000 ($100 x 50). However 50 individuals won but because you just get a 90% return that is $4500 ($100 x 50 x 90%) so the broker has won $500 in One minute.

Even so, I’ve already mentioned that the 50 to 50 Win to Loss rate is incredibly conservative and we’d really expect it to be a lot more like 25 to 75 in the Binary Broker’s favour.

Can you truly generate an income with The Bonus Busters?

I hope the earlier mentioned illustration resonates with you and lets you know that the chances are loaded against you.

Before you decide to do anything whatsoever ask yourself these particular questions:

In the event that more individuals won placing Binary option trades compared to what they lost Binary Option Brokers would go broke.


Whenever a Trading Broker pays an affiliate marketer a commission of $200 up wards it really is a strong indicator that the Broker is going to make more than $200 from the introduced customer.

The Fact remains to be that Binary Option Products are a creative technique to advertise Binary Option Trading platforms on which you’ll be forced to deposit a large amount to be able to trade.

Is The Bonus Busters a rip-off?

Binary Option Trading Products like The Bonus Busters are only clever marketing techniques or sales funnels that will get typical individuals like me and you to start Binary Option Trading Accounts thinking we are going to become rich. Little do we realize that that is far from the truth and the only people getting rich will be the Binary Brokers along with their Affiliates

Remember to keep in mind these commission fees are actually non-refundable.

You should be aware that The Bonus Busters isn’t a sustainable business. You you wont get any guidance and when you’ve placed your cash and placed your trade that is the end of the relationship until you place your subsequent trade.

Don’t forget the specifics featured above. The only individuals set to make money within this relationship would be the affiliate and the binary broker.

My Conclusion

Like all those various other Binary Option systems before it The Bonus Busters is a smart tool intended to get you ‘the lead’ to sign up and transfer funds with a Binary Options Broker making the affiliate a very nice commission (Approx. $200).


I personally generate an income online every day by using a easy risk free system. Click here so I can show you proof that it works.

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Making money using The Bonus Busters will be based upon luck as opposed to skill because of the nature of how Binary Options work. My guidance would be to avoid The Bonus Busters.

If you choose to purchase The Bonus Busters after looking at my evaluation please write about your experience and leave your own remarks below. Cheers Simon

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  1. Geoff White says:

    Hello Simon,
    I registerred for the Bonus Busters and deposited into their broker, unfortunately before reading your review, I was quite excited about the prospect of what I thought was going to be a steady income from option trading, and would have been quite happy to pay them the 5% of my profits as indicated on their site. I was very happy with the results; which averaged about 65% winners, but all of a sudden they stopped trading. I sent emails and help messages but got no reply. that was nearly 3 months ago and still my balance is indicated there but no trading. I can’t draw out my money because I took a bonus. so in order to do that I have to fulfil the trading volume requirements. I must continue to trade now with the broker manually to reach that volume required, so I will probably lose all of the money I have won and then some (I’m not an experienced trader) but I don’t have any other option do I ? So I understand now how this scam works, it certainly gets you in and then builds up your confidence so you will invest more with another one of their brokers, get another bonus, then they cut you off! thats when you lose your money. Very clever! and I fell for it! so be warned anybody else that thinks they can make easy money with these binary option sites – they are all scams!

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