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Tricon Invest Review

By on April 8, 2015 in High Yield Investment Programmes with 0 Comments

Thank you for taking a look at my review of Tricon Invest.  I guess at this stage you are doing your due diligence trying to work out if Tricon Invest is worth investing in or not.

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Tricon Invest came to my attention because it is currently being reported by HYIP Monitors as ‘Paying’.  They are also advertising on certain monitors which suggests to me that there are potentially lots of potential investors who might need some assistance.

Taking a look at the company website it looks very poorly built to me and is definitely not a website that instils trust.  There is very little information on the website about the company although typical of these High Yield Investment Programmes there are some headline details about the vehicles used to generate the huge returns offered.  In Tricon Invests case it is Forex, Gold, Bonds, and Stocks.


Lets take a look at the Investment options currently available:

Investment Programme Minimum Maximum Daily Interest
Tricon Saving $10 $300,000 0.30%
Tricon Prestige $250 $25,000 0.90%
Tricon Mutual $100 $50,000 3.00%
Tricon Hedge $250 $25,000 6.00%
Tricon Wealth $350 $35,000 8.00%
Tricon Premium – SOLD OUT $0 $0 16.00%
Tricon Trium $500 $50,000 26.00%
Tricon Fortune $1,000 $ 15,000 35.00%
Tricon Hi5 $1,500 $ 15,000 60.00%
Tricon Top $2,000 $ 15,000 150.00%

As you can see a lot of the maximum deposits are very high which means a lot of people could be investing large sums of money.

Is Tricon Invest a Scam?

It’s very difficult for me to categorically state that Tricon Invest is a scam because I do not work for them, I’m not affiliated with them and I do not have funds invested with them however what I can say is that most, if not all High Yield Investment Programmes, are Ponzi schemes and therefore scams.  Investing in them is not an investment it is gambling, a game of risk.

My Recommendation

Tricon Invest doesn’t look like a safe bet for your money so I would avoid investing with them.  I personally make money online every day using a simple system. Click here to watch a free video presentation that explains the simple yet effective system I use.

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