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Twin Peak Profits Review

By on November 27, 2012 in Make Money Online with 0 Comments

Product: Twin Peak Profits

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Twin Peaks Profits is a web based software that creates Autoblogs.  These blogs can be created with a few clicks of your mouse and are full monetised for the purposes of affiliate marketing.  You don’t even need to create your own content because the software will scrape the internet for related content, spin it and then publish it on your blog.

I’ve read that spun content is bad?

Yes it is!  Its as simple as that really.  Spun content will allow you to rank a blog in Google but there are so many other factors involved in SEO and spun content just doesn’t stack up.  So the likelihood is that you blog will initially rank but will then quickly drop away.  Also, and more importantly, you want people to read your blog and connect with your content and they definitely won’t be able to do that if they are struggling to read it.

Having said that the Twin Peak Profits software would still work we wouldn’t recommend using spun content so you could write the content yourself or you could hire a professional writer from one of the many outsourcing websites on the internet.  For example: oDesk, Elance, Freelaner etc…

Haven’t Autoblogs been around for a while?

Yes they have.  Autoblogs are nothing new in fact they were very popular a few years back but then became less popular as people started to realise that their blogs weren’t ranking or the content was appealing to real visitors.


Twin Peak Profits is a new spin (no pun intended) on an old idea and although the software will work to a degree you wont get a huge amount of value from the product if you are going to write your own content or outsource that work.  Therefore I’m not going to be recommending Twin Peak Profits

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