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Wealth Crew Review

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Wealth Crew Review. Thanks a lot for taking the time to read my personal Wealth Crew Review.

Wealth Crew is the newest Binary Options product to be released and I have been getting a closer look to discover whether it’s hype or a legitimate method to generate an income online.

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What is the Wealth Crew Product all about? Does the Wealth Crew Product actually work? Is Wealth Crew worth the price tag? Is it possible to generate an income with the Wealth Crew product?

Wealth Crew Summary

Product Name: Wealth Crew
Product Type: Binary Trading Software
Price: £0

Wealth Crew Review

Wealth Crew has finally recently been made available to buy. I understand lots of people have been awaiting this as there is a great deal of buzz concerning the performance of this system but can it really live up to the buzz – can you really make your on-line fortune?

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So should you believe the buzz behind Wealth Crew and its strong claims? Let’s get a close look and find out the reality about this particular product.

How do you Trade Binary Options?

Binary Options Trading is simple to understand which is the reason why they are very popular. In essence there’s only ever two possible outcomes – You will win the trade or you lose the trade. This is in contrast to regular financial Options which typically have a continuous range of payoff.

There are two key kinds of binary options: asset-or-nothing, and also cash-or-nothing. An asset-or-nothing binary option pays out an amount equal to the underlying value of the security; a cash-or-nothing binary option will generate money if it expires whilst “in the money”. In the world of trading, binary options are actually relatively simple to comprehend.

How does Binary Options Trading work?

Trading Binary Options is simple. You initially need to register with a Broker by starting a trading account. Once the account is open you can now place your trades.

To actually place a trade on a stock like Microsoft you need to place a PUT or CALL trade. If you think the stock will rise in price you place a CALL trade and if you think the price may fall you place a PUT trade. Binary Option Trades are typically placed over short periods of time from 60 seconds to a couple of hours or perhaps a couple of days.

Trading Binary Options is essentially a gamble albeit you would hope an educated one where you are placing a 1/1 trade on a stock that’ll either rise CALL Trade or fall PUT Trade.

Binary Options Trading in 3 simple steps:

1 – Carefully select your vehicle – Currency, Stock, Index or Commodity.
2 – Work out which route your vehicle is going to move and place the correct Call or Put Trade.
3 – Decide how much you would like to invest on your trade.

Placing a trade that says the asset is going to be higher after the trade duration is called a ‘CALL’ Trades were you know the value of the vehicle, whether it be stock, currency, index etc., is going to be lower are called Put Trades.

At the end of the trade timeframe if you happen to be successful you will get your initial investment back along with an investment profit. Investment earnings can vary between 70 and Ninety %. You usually see that assets like currency pairs that are traded regularly offer higher investment returns.

Binary Options Brokers The Truth

Binary Brokers want you to lose – it’s a straightforward truth which I will uncover in the following illustration. You see the terrible fact is that Binary Brokers couldn’t survive if you and 100s like you weren’t taking a loss

So this illustration is easier for me to demonstrate I will make use of the currency pair EUR/USD along with a win to loss rate of 50/50.

So in this illustration lets say that 50 traders make a Put trade and 50 traders place a Put trade.

Of those 100 people the CALL trades are the winners. After 60 seconds the currency pair finished higher.

If each trader traded $100 that would mean that 50 people lost $5,000 ($100 x 50 trades) and 50 investors won. However the winners only win between a range of 70 to 90% so let’s be generous and use 90Percent. So that’s$100 x 50 x 90% $4,500. Which means the broker has generated $500 and if the trade duration was A minute that is $500 in A minute.

In the above example I was very conservative, now picture if the win/loss ratio was 25/75 and the those who win only received a 70% payoff.

Can you really earn money with Wealth Crew?

Hopefully you will see from the previous example that the chances of earning money in the Binary Trading discipline are really bad. Even your Broker likes you to lose.

Before you do anything whatsoever think about these questions:

If more individuals won making Binary option trades than they lost Binary Option Brokers would go bust.


Why would Brokers pay affiliate marketers commissions in excess of $200 to market the system to possible traders?

The painful truth about Binary Option Trading systems is that they are simply really smart incentives to get would-be fx traders signed up with Brokers and in return the affiliate marketer takes a healthy commission payment.

Is Wealth Crew a Scam?

Products like Wealth Crew are just a clever promotional technique built to get YOU to transfer funds in excess of $200 with a Binary Option Broker after which the affiliate makes a nice large Click Per Action (CPA) commission payment.

You should know that the funds deposited with the Binary Options Broker will be non-refundable.

Additionally, you have to consider, before opening up an account, that you will never receive any real guidance on how to make trades. And that Binary Option Trading isn’t the sort of internet business that will enable you to create a long lasting re-occurring income.

Win or lose the only people guaranteed to earn money will be the affiliate and the broker.


Like all those various other Binary Option systems before it Wealth Crew is a ingenious tool built to get you ‘the lead’ to sign up and transfer funds with a Binary Options Broker earning the affiliate marketer a really nice commission (Approx. $200).


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Based on the specifics of my review I can’t recommend Wealth Crew to you as I know you will be throwing away your income. Make sure you steer clear of Wealth Crew.

Please leave your comments and feedback on my review and if you purchase Wealth Crew for your own experience.

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