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Chris Campbell – Pizza Boy turned Millionaire

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Today we are going to give you a little insight into who Chris Campbell is.

We have to admit that we don’t know very much about Chris’ past other than at some point he used to be a Pizza Delivery Boy for a very well known Pizza Outlet.

Chris’ father lost his job, made redundant, after years and years of faithful service to his employer.  It was this very event and the impact that it had on his family, Chris was still living at home at this time, that set Chris looking into ways to make money online.

Like most people Chris tried a number of things but didn’t really get anywhere until he found the Empower Network.

You can check out the Empower Network here: Empower Network

Chris story from this point on wards is amazing because without much prior success he joined the Empower Network and is absoultely smashing it.  Chris is a mentor/sponsor inside the Empower Network and is consistently one of the highest earners in the system, we are talking 100’s of thousands a month.

Chris is also a Team Leader inside the Empower Network with his partner Chris Jones and they run the Success Luminary Team which again is one of the highest performing Teams inside the Empower Network.  What that means is that Chris and Chris give their students all the tools and training they need in order to replicate their success.

You can get Chris’ 7 day training bootcamp by signing up here << its free!

Chris Campbell is living proof that people can come from nowhere (Living at home with parents working as a Pizza Delivery Boy) to making 100s of thousands of dollars a month all with the power of the internet.

Below is one of Chris’ Free 7 Day Bootcamp videos which you can get absolutely free when you sign up.  Get the video now.

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