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Your First Commissions Review

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Product: Your First Commissions

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Your First Commissions is a new product from Grayson Brookshire and is due to launch on 16th January 2013.  Apparently as the name suggest this product will ‘Make YOU your first commissions’, personally I’m not so sure.

How does Your First Commissions work?

Your First Commissions is another Autoblog system and if you read our blog regularly you will note that we reviewed Twin Peaks Profits back in November 2012, an Autoblog system that we didn’t recommend for several specific Autoblog reasons.  It appears these systems that were very popular a few years back are now making a reappearance.

When you buy Your First Commissions you are given access to the member’s area which contains the software and instructional videos and a .pdf file, for those that prefer to read, that tell you how to use the software.

The software itself sets up Autoblogs on the free WordPress and Blogger platforms then based on your keyword selections goes out and scrapes the internet for content in the form of Articles, RSS Feeds and YouTube videos.  The final step is then to add affiliate links to the blog from places like Clickbank and Amazon.

But I’m sure I read scraped content was poor for SEO?

Well you would have read correctly, as we mentioned in our review of Twin Peaks Profit scraped and spun content may initially rank in Google but it won’t be long before your Autoblog has slipped back down the SERPs (Search Engine Page Results).  Also scrapped and spun content often doesn’t make any sense and when you are trying to promote/sell products to your reader, bad english and punctuation isn’t going to help.


Autoblogs have been around for quite a few years now and it appears that some marketers feel the time is right to blow the cobwebs off this concept and re-release it to people who want to make money online.  On this basis and that I know too well that these sites eventually become worthless I could not recommend Your First Commissions.

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